Monday, 23 May 2011

Car Boot booty

After the mammoth haul at the jumbles I thought my luck may have run out for the boot sale on Sunday but oh no, I got myself some fabulous bits. The sellers must have known I was going to be there as these are all so me!  So less chat and more pictures here's the booty:

Vintage powder compact and matching lipstick holder (I rarely find compacts at the booty so thrilled to bits!). I bought this one and the one below on the same stall:

 This is a Yardley compact and still has the original powder inside. The seller wanted £3.50 each but with my haggle hat on I got both for £5 :o))  So pleased to be able to add these to my compact collection.

 Kitsch-tastic retro flamenco coasters. I was so excited when I saw them but played it cool when asking the price and got the set for £1.

 And the kitsch doesn't stop - oh no. Little 1950s Bambi all dressed up for a night on the tiles with his polka dot bow tie. This was from a collectors stall (boo hiss) but was only £1 so more than happy with that.  He joins my Bambi collection along with this beauty:

 This old but very cute fellow has a bit of a bad glue habit looking at his feet but hey who can resist those big old eyelashes.  Again another collectors stall item but managed to haggle it down to £1 :o)

While we are talking 50s kitsch check this little one out:

I have never seen a 50s elephant on my travels so was surprised to find this fella. He is obviously planning a date with the deer with his matching tie.  This one was a massive 20p!

 1970s sexy red soda syphon. I bought one of these in gold a few weeks back but for £1 I couldn't leave this one. It came with its original bulbs too.

Now what does any rockabilly chick dressed up in her pin up gal finest need for a night out?.....

A leopard print coat of course! This is knee length so I will not be channelling Shania Twain when its on.  Needs to be worn with my big ass peep toe heels and lots of attitude!  How much I hear you cry.....£3!

Now its that time of the week for:

Witnessed at a boot sale

A couple were looking at a pair of pvc thigh high boots on a stall. Mrs picks the boots up and hold them against her leg and chuckles before putting them back on the ground.
Mr: "What do you think?"
Mrs: "I'd never wear 'em out, they look like they would kill my feet"
Mr: "I think they would be alright"
Mrs: "Naaa, don't think so, bit too slutty to wear out". Mrs then walks on to look the next stall.
Mr to Seller: "How much mate?"
Seller: "£6"
Mr: "I'll take 'em"
(An insight into the male mind, draw your own conclusions... lol)

A young mum pushing a pram with a tiny baby and a 4/5 year old girl walking along side them:
Mum to girl: "What you got in ya mouth?"
Girl opens mouth to show contents
Mum: "Is that chewing gum??? Where did ya get that?"
Girls gives a cheeky grin
Mum: "Ya picked that off the floor didn't ya!!"
Girl laughs
Mum carries on on looking at the stalls and girl continues chewing the gum she picked off the floor.

And that's the lot! Bring on next weekend where we get double booty (I love bank hol Mondays!).

Have a fabulous day

Scarlett x

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  1. Love your compacts, soda syphon and coat - am still trying to replace my old and original leopard coat I was known for 15 years ago :-( Got another but am going to sell it on it needs to be perfect. £3 is a bargain - they go for so much these days.

    Re: the chewing gum girl, when I was back in Swansea I saw a kid drop a sausage roll on the pavement outside Greggs (this is central town, filthy, pigeons and their crap everywhere) and the mum just picked it up, blew on it and said "it'll be ok". Me and husband looking at her in horror both went "Noooo, it won't!" Ugh. Living room floor is one thing, but town centre pavement - shudder.

  2. Flamenco mats are cool too - how could I forget? Although by now you must be able to have 200 people round yours and still not run out of coasters! ;-)

  3. I love the flamenco coasters.
    Big ugh for the chewing gum incident,poor girl!
    Glad you got lucky at the car boot as well as the jumble sale,good weekend for you :)

  4. Oh my god.. the chewing gum story is just disgusting! I would have forcefully extracted that chewing gum from her mouth myself... if it had been my kid.

    The slutty boot story is funny.. I'm sure he didn't plan on her wearing them out ;)

    I am in love with the beautiful kitsch ornaments you're managed to find! I would have grabbed them right away had I seen them, especially that elephant! What a gorgeous coat too! Lucky woman!

    I can't wait to hit Cheddar bootsale when I go home to visit family in June. Its been a while since I've been to it and the ones around here are difficult to get to if you don't drive! Boohoo! xxx

  5. It always a big feast for the eyes popping by your blog! How cool the make up bits and the coasters!

  6. Now thats taking recycling a tad too far with the gum.EWWW
    I am in love with your compacts I only have one set so far and that was from ebay a couple years back.Even at oppys here they wouldnt be that cheap/

  7. Oh those bambi's are out of this world. What is it about those little creatures that made them so desirable?

    And how I like the idea of that chap sneakily buying his wife those boots. Haha was she in for a surprise.

    You got a great haul there - I'd have brought all that stuff too, if I got there before you!

  8. Ohhh the compacts!! Those really are such a steal Scarlett, and your Bambis are so adorable - especially loving the one with the little bow tie :-)

    Never been lucky enough to come across a soda siphon but I'm loving yours and the flamenco coasters are also pretty fab! :-D

    Ahhh the boots he'll be happy to see her only wear inside the house ;-) Romance isn't dead! Haha!

    Jem xXx

  9. Great buys Scarlett, love the compacts, so pretty :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  10. I'm absolutely loving the Spanish themed coasters, I can't resist souvenir tackiness and they'd be perfect for a retro party. That mac is a beauty, I'd love to see you wearing it.
    That chewing gum story has made me feel very queasy!xxx

  11. You always find so much stuff!!! And hear some great things although the chewing gum is gross. I think I must go round with my ears shut! x

  12. too funny! love the gold compact.

  13. The flamenco coasters are the bees knees. Love em. Yikes, the chewing gum story!

  14. I love the hubby who bought his wife the slutty boots ~ sweet, romantic man. hehehe Ewwwwwww on the gum story. Disgusting.

  15. Second hand chewing gum and thigh high boots! Where is this car boot you go to? I think I'd make the journey there just to people watch.

    Great finds as always.

    Madison xxx

  16. I am so glad that I found you because I loved reading your post for two, I have always wanted to go to a boot sale held in other countries and your final stories on people watching were so funny. Thanks for sharing. If you are into decor, come by my blog anytime.

  17. I would love to come to yours for a fifties themed sinner party, I think that should be your next giveaway prize! Excellent finds, not only that, the prices were all right. One question-WHERE DO YOU KEEP IT ALL?

  18. Sinner party-Freudian slip? Maybe it was my OH who bought those PVC boots eh...

  19. Love the compacts, so pretty! I must say my fav's are the Bambi's...just something about them is so sweet and collectible! Good stories this week!! hugs, Linda

  20. That little elephant is so cute. I never hear anything interesting in our local charity shops, perhaps I don't linger long enough!

  21. Love the elephant - I know my Mum had a whole load of similar pieces on her shelves when she was younger - not sure if she still has them though - shall ask her.

    Yuck at the gum incident - surely most mothers would make her spit it out????

  22. gorgeous compacts - being a collector myself I know how darn hard it can be to find them!

  23. Lovely finds, the little elephant is brilliant x

  24. Sick with jealousy for the bowtied deer and elephant!

  25. drooling at your compacts and matching lipstick holder, scarlett!! and those cute bambies especially the one with the polkadot tie, so good of you to find her date, adorable elephant!! love love love your finds, im roaring as i type this at your leopard coat and oh so sexy red soda syphon, not forgetting the kitsch tastic flamenco coaster, perfect!!! oooh yessss....we all know what lurks inside every male's fantasy hahahaha and i feel for the girl who picked up a chewing gum off the floor, the mother was too busy at the bootsale to even told her daughter to spit it out, just ewwww!! cant wait to see another bootsale treasures from you!! yay to bank holiday!!! woohooo!

    xx Susan

  26. great little treasures as always Scarlett...Ole to the coasters! Love them!
    I cannot believe there are people out there like the ones you describe in your "Witness" series...I must have led a very sheltered life!
    I did see a young girl sniffing glue in a shopping centre car park the other day and was completely shocked and upset...I'm still thinking about it days later.

  27. oohhh love the little compacts so pretty. And those Bambi's you have to smile at them. dee x

  28. Ack!!! I'm so swooning over those compacts and the flamenco coasters!!! Drool!!!
    And the COAT! I am GREEN.
    Good on the Mr-the Mrs is probably sweating away in those boots RIGHT NOW!!!

  29. I'm on my endless hunt for cute bambis but am I finding any - nooooo... obviously because you keep finding them!!!!

    Victoria xxx

  30. I absolutely love car boot sales.
    good finds

    I am following

    LOVE K

  31. Ha ha thank goodness for the lovely finds (especially the compacts!!) as the anecdotes are pretty horrifying. Ah well, that's folk for you!

    Thanks for sharing as they say ;-) xx

  32. Never seen anythinglike those flamenco coasters, they're wonderful - well done playing it cool, bet it wasn't easy! :)

  33. I'm lovin' those compacts! And the lipstick case too *winks* You always score some amazing goodies Scarlett!

    Hmmmm I guess every gal needs a pair of slutty boots lol!...I myself have several pairs heh heh heh....Sorry TMI LOL!

    And used gum.....EEEWWWWWWW!!! I suppose it was a little too late to have her spit it out after she'd already ingested all those lovely germy germs! Yuck-O!! Vanna

  34. Woah! this is the motherload of all compacts, I simply love the design. love the kitschy deer.


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