Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Compact heaven

I am very excited about a new addition to my vintage compact collection.  They say 'its whats inside that counts' but on this occasion I'm in love with the outer packaging:

 I found a little gem still in its original and rather fabulous Stratton box!

 Inside the pouch is this beauty:

 Its dated 1949 on the base. I love that the lady who owned this used it but then kept it in its original box! Total bargain price for £3 :o)

I also picked up this hot pink number:

Love the tropical feel to this Stratton compact, and you cant complain for 50p :o)

Along with my pretty new compacts I also received a parcel from the fabulous Kylie at Lucy Violet Vintage.  She wrapped it so beautifully:

Loving the map and the old postcard - I'm going to shamlessly steal this wrapping idea Kylie!  Inside was one item I have already pictured.....

How cute is this pink and blue union jack! Its going to be the backdrop for many a picture I feel, and its looking fabulous on the arm of my sofa.  She also sent me something which I have been after for perfecting my 50's housewife look:

How sweet is this pinny! Now I better get working on my housewife skills ;o)  Thanks so much Kylie, love them!

Thanks all from me today, short and sweet :o)

Scarlett x


  1. That pinny is the best! I love the packaging for the compact too.

  2. You been finding lots of shiny compacts, what gorgeous pinny. now I am begining to cheer up with boot sale prices.

  3. Love the compacts - the gold one reminds me of one my Mum used to have. Love your parcel - great things!

  4. I love the inside of stratton compact box, scarlett! such gems! love the bright hot pink compact too! the pinny is sooo adorable!! love how kylie wrapped the parcel!! lucky you! :) xx Susan

  5. gorgeous compacts many have you got all up? x

  6. That apron is cute!
    I don't know if you get the Sainsbury's little ones magazine through at all but they have an article in the latest one on food for a pirate themed party,i saw it and thought of you lol

  7. The pink compact is my fav but am with you on thinking about the first owner of the Stratton compact who kept the box all those years. The map wrap is too fun, btw and the apron is so super girlie it makes me want to go put on make-up!

  8. What a fabulous find - the compact in it's original box - an absolute steal for £3! The hot pink is so pretty, really summery :-)

    Lovely, generous gift from Kylie :-)

    Jem xXx

  9. Love your compact additions. I also love to find something in the original box....the pink one is pretty amazing also. Cute apron also!

  10. The box has a Louis Vuitton feel to it. Your collection is fantastic, have you got them on display?

  11. Seriously Scarlett how do you manage to find all this stuff!!!!!

    Victoria xxx

  12. So jealous the red one best!

  13. I LOVE that hot pink tropical one. Your collection is beautiful!

  14. Great buys and great gift, love the union jack! in the Avon book this time is a flamingo necklace, thought of you :0)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  15. Those compacts are so prettty! aren't you a lucky girl? They look to be in perfect condition, too.
    Kylie's parcel is gorgeous. We need to see you modelling that pinny, come on, don't be shy! xxx

  16. What a steal with the compacts! They are divine indeed! So lucky you managed to find the box too! I love it when you can find coloured patterned Strattons - they don't seem as easy to find as their gold toned counterparts x

  17. Oh such beautiful compacts Scarlett! Would love to see a photo of your whole collection one day ~ perhaps even with that delightful Union Jack as a backdrop! And that apron is so gorgeous ~ such a lovely gift! Love Brenda

  18. Awwww what lovely gifts! Scarlett you're responsible for my soon to be compact collection *winks* I just LOVE them!! Vanna

  19. I love it all. I think all women love those old compacts! I just like to look at them. Well I will let you get back to your housewife duties now that you have the perfect apron!


  20. awwww you changed your blog layout, sooo cuteee!! i think it's about time i change mine too !! have a great weekend, scarlett! xx Susan

  21. Love the bag,compact,union jack,that pinny is very pretty.What lovely goodies.I need to make my hubby a tesco list.I love that bag.x


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