Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Boot Sale Buys Part 2

Not bored yet of my boot sale finds? Well here's part two for you ;o)

Another compact for the collection - this one is diddy at only 2 inches in width and comes with a needlepoint rose on the top. I've never seen one like this and was chuffed to get it for £3! The lady I bought it from said she had a lot more compacts to sell and that she was doing an antique fair that afternoon, that is how I ended up visiting an antique fair too!

Love these little china name place settings. Just use a wipe off pen and your all set for a dinner party!  Alas not being the domestic goddess my hubby would like me to be these will be used for labelling other things. I got both the sets for £1.50 :o)

Love this altered art style hinged wooden box, even more excited to open it and find this inside:
Its a little autograph/paper leaf photo album.  The joyful couple pic can be replaced with a less cheesy one ;o)  I snatched this up with the box and ran for £1.

 Vintage big eyed girl print. This was bought from the summer fete charity stall, the ladies said to me that they were desperate to get rid of it so I said I'd take it off their hands for 50p.

Zippo metal advertising sign
It made me chuckle seeing this glamour puss doing the zippo 'fan test'. I haggled hard and ended up getting it for £3.

 Baby blue casserole dish £2

Large mosaic plaque, very shabby chic and for only £1 I'm tempted to put it in my garden :o)

 Three Jack Vettriano prints new in their packets - 50p each.  I have a couple of his prints already at home and I just love his work.  My favourite of these three has to be the one at the bottom which is called 'Man in the Mirror'.  These were put down by the person next to me who didn't want to pay 50p each, I grabbed them as soon as they hit the table!

 1950s wicker and leather bag - I adore this and have a couple similar but they are not as big.  I paid £1 for it and to be honest would have paid a lot more as I love it!

Little mismatched yellow set. The cups are Jasmine Woods Ware and the saucers & side plates are Johnson Bros but they look cute together. I only paid £2.50 for the whole lot (4 cups, 6 saucers and 8 side plates).

So that's the booty what about my eavesdropping:

Witnessed at a boot sale

Skinny lanky guy talking to a person buying some clothes from his stall
Guy: "I used to work full time behind the bar in the pub"
Customer: "oh yeah"
Guy: "Yup and I used to wear a different tie every single shift"
Customer: "hmm"
Guy: "Yeah and we used to get customers come in firstly to try out the pub and then I realised they were coming in regularly to see what tie I was wearing"
Customer: "really?"
Guy: "Yeah they just couldn't wait to see what tie I had on...."
(Nothing to do with the plentiful alcohol and cheap food then)

I had a bit of fun with one ladies stall. Every time anyone picked anything up and put it down she would pick it up and rearrange the position. She did it for every item touched so of course the little devil on my shoulder led me to have a good old nose on her stall making sure I picked up nearly every item .....

The boot sale I go to also happens to be on a steep hill, I cant count the amount of times I've seen a cheap Ikea clothes rail go crashing to the ground. On this occasion, the clothes rail and contents fell on a bloke who had been walking around like he was 'the man', the clothes rail hit his back making him lose his balance and slip on the grass. Man hit the deck and was promptly covered by last years ladies fashion must haves.

Lady picking up a pair of mens trousers:
Lady " What size waist are these?"
Seller "There a 42 inch i think"
Lady "Blimey me old man is fat but not that fat"
Sellers husband appears from the van "Oi cheers love, those were mine"
Lady "Oh yeah he definitely isn't that fat..."

Have a fabulous day

Scarlett x

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  1. Scarlette,bellissimi i segnaposto di china,il portacipria è un incanto,baci,Rosetta

  2. I love the name place settings too! Oooh and the bag is so cool!
    I had a giggle at your boot sale witness! Thank you for the good laugh!

  3. Love the little tea set! As for the lady who fixed everthing you put back down - I would have lifted everything too - just for a look of course;)!

  4. Love the place settings, what a bargain. Very funny Witnessed at the car boot, love it :) x

  5. That is it, i am going to buy dark glasses and a mac and start following you at Fayres. and not just for the bargains but for the people too! x

  6. I never get tired of seeing all your wonderful finds Scarlett! Adore those china place setting tags, they are just too cute! Pretty little compact. You get things at such wonderful prices too. I think I need to move to the Northern hemisphere! :)

  7. You of course will know how I love that compact - being that small probably shows it has some age to it as well because often their size reflects the size of the handbags of the same era! I love the needlepoint designed ones they are so intricate.

  8. ok where to start???
    what do those ladies mean: they were desperate to get rid of big-eye print? I think she is lovely and can't think why they wanted to be rid of her! Glad you gave her a home Scarlett.
    I love the wicker handbag too and had the child's version when I was a little girl...memories
    The blue casserole is gorgeous and I think the little name plates would make pretty gift tags for presents...
    Great haul Scarlett, AS USUAL!

  9. Echoing all the comments above on all your wonderful finds! I particularly loved the little name plates too, and the china, and the casserole dish, and the bag ~ oh, it was all so lovely! And I so enjoy your 'witnessed' snippets! Love Brenda

  10. I love the casserole dish and the tea cups, I never find anything like that at car boot salesxx

  11. It's great looking at all your finds. I love the china name plates and of course the wicker basket. As well as being a grannymanic I think I'm a wickermanic aswell.

    Thank you for following my blog.

    Love from Mum

  12. I don't think those china name place setting will be useful to you at all. And that mosaic plaque. They're a bit useless really. I'll tell you what I'll do you a favour and get rid of them for you. Just send them to me at my adress, it's.....;0)

    Madison xxx

  13. Love the cups and saucers and those prints were a bargain!

  14. Bleeding heck woman send me some compact fairy dust my way will ya? So many things to love but the compact and bag are on top of my list and those ceramic name tags love and that mosaic plate and and ....

  15. Ooh I love the blue casserole! I've just been watching the delicious Miss Dahl and got distracted by her GREAT kitchen chocca with colourful casseroles and enameled saucepans. Totally what I'm on the hunt for now!
    The fat trousers anecdote-class!

  16. So envious of your yellow Woods Ware. I recently bought a yellow Woods Ware dinner plate for 20p in a charity shop. My nan had the full set in green but sadly gave it away.

  17. I just had to pop back and let you know that a yellow Woods Ware cup and saucer is selling for £14 on a vintage site!!! And my plate is £5!! I think we have found a bargain.

  18. Omg! You have a good nose for sniffing out anything pretty! I love literally everything you have found and would have fought you for a couple of them had I been there! Boot sale stand off cowgirl style!

    I love the little china name place settings! I've never seen anything like them before.. maybe because I don't throw tea parties but they are adorable!

    I absolutely love the Zippo advertisement.. so classy and funny!

    I think the mosaic plaque would look lovely in the garden! xxx

  19. LOL re the men's trousers - classic!

    I really like the china and the casserole pot not surprisingly. Nice little wicker bag too - keep seeing these and must get one!

    Note to self: must stop shopping in expensive charity shops, get my arse out of bed and go to more car boots!

  20. i am LOVING those floral placecards. so special. love your finds.

  21. I'm completely enthralled with the wipe clean little china placetags! They are utterly divine! :-)

    Still admiring my beautiful little Wedgwood dish, thank you again lovely - I adore it and it'll be a star in my next post :-)

    Jem xXx

  22. Literally 'lolled' really loud at fat trouser tale! With the exception of the Jack prints (sorry!) I love all of these finds, how do you do it? What is your haggling advice? I am rubbish. Those pretty place settings need to be used, they are so lovely. Maybe get OH a friend to write a special word on each one, then choose a tile every day (my friend used to do this with pebbles as a gift, how naff come to think of it!).

  23. oh my goodness, I saw the identical name place setting things today in an op shop and had to ask the lady what they were, so sweet. I can't believe I have seen them twice in one day.......maybe I should have bought them.

  24. That fat trouser tale is fabulous, how blinking rude!
    I can't believe your epic compact collection, I think you're going to have to mount them on a wall and have a huge display covering on side of your house.
    Love that wicker bag. xxx

  25. Love your stories. I missed them last time.

  26. Those place settings are adorable!

    Victoria xx

  27. These compact takes the cake, I love the texture and design. You have quite a collection now amor.
    name tag is a fab idea, I bought a whole bunch at Hemsby with my sisters name, they love them. I adore wicker bags. what deal for only £1.vintage prints, Goshm , I havent came acroos any.mosaic will go great in your garden amor. I always spot colored tea cup and saucerm ,but I have so little room now.

  28. Super fat man comment! How embarrasing, some people have no shame! Loving your yellow utility china find and only £2.50?! Amazing. I went to two boot sales at the weekend and came away with....nothing. I need you to send me some of your luck! :-)

  29. Thanks for popping over to my blog. I love those china name places. I've never seen anything like those before. Beautiful little buys. Loved the boot sale tales. People are funny. Fact! x

  30. Love the lighter ad! You definitely cannot make that stuff up (stuff overheard at sale) stranger than fiction!

  31. I love the Jack Vettriano prints. My favorite is the top right - the dancing one. Those china name places are cool too. They'd almost make me want to host a fancy dinner party!

  32. Wonderful buys Scarlett, love the wicker bag so cute! I'm also loving your new blog layout so pretty and cute! Hope you are keeping well.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  33. I don't know how you do it! Fantastic finds, I'm very jealous! x

  34. Ha that's so funny, cheeky woman! Loving the wicker bag and the lighter! xx

  35. The most gorgeous finds Scarlett! I especially love the bag and the little china name plates.

    And yes, you must put that mosaic plate in the garden with your flamingoes :o)

    Have a great week. x

  36. Big-eyed girls, vintage ads! You have a knack for uncovering vintage at these boot sales! I'd love to see one in action. It's crazy how much vintage is found!

  37. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous, Scarlett! love the compact and the name place setting, the mosaic plague and the wooden box!! i always loveeeeeee reading witnessed at the bootsale! i clapped on ya for touching every item in one stall that the lady re arrange back! hahahahaha good job!! i also love the vintage big eyed girl and zippo ads sign! everything is so gorgeous and the skinny man with his obsession with ties are so hillarious hahaahaha

  38. O WOW some great finds again. I adore the compact such a beauty and those ceramic name placements how gorgeous are they ;-) I love Jack Vettriano before i went retro i had a few prints in the house i do still have clock in my bathroom with the print of them both standing on the beach and the umbrella over them shading them from the sun. And the lovely print she is in a white evening dress and he is in a black suit don't know what they are called but it is my favorite. Enjoy all your lovely things, dee x

  39. You have found awesome goodies! I adore the floral place settings!

  40. What great things (again!) - the place settings aer such a brill idea - I've never seen those. But my fave is that handbag - its so Marilyn! You should wear it with a long pencil skirt and a wiggle! xxx

  41. Hi Scarlett,

    I found you through Nelly (My friends call me Nelly). I loved your eye witness accounts and little ditties re. the carboot sales and charity shops, they are so funny. I have had a great time reading through your blog.

    I have added you to my blog list for others to find too, and so that I can keep up with your posts (my way of following).

    bye for now, Tamara x

  42. Great pieces!

    Neat post!

    My Lyfe ; My Story

    @MyLyfeMyStory on twitter

  43. I enjoy your 'heard at a boot sale' stories so very much!! You found some really great deals this week Scarlett. I love the little compact! The mosaic plaque reminds me of a tray I have that I love. hugs, Linda

  44. *chuckle* finished this post with a smile on my face...thank you very much!


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