Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A Post Of Thanks

Here is my little blog post of thanks.

Thanks to my lovely blog pal Jem of beautiful clutter fame for sending me a beautiful gift in the post:

I love the little cards and the wrapping...

Inside was a fabulous Stratton compact and 'Pow' a cute pin badge.  It now adorns my boot sale bag to 'POW' the sellers into giving me cheap stuff!  Love them both thanks Jem!

Thanks also to a fabulous blog pal Lakota of faith hope and charity shopping not only for organising an amazing blog swap but for sending me the cutest little pressie in the post:

Inside was this fabulous handmade anchor ring (of which I was eyeing up on her blog!)

I would like to thank the person who donated these two large and very old planters to the charity shop:

I bagged them on half price day for £4 the pair!

Thanks to the Fiskars' weed puller advertising team for this:

Having only seen the advert a thousand times I was forced to buy one....and I can confirm that it is in fact the BEST weed puller ever and a lot of fun to use (never will that be said from me again re weed pulling).

Thanks to Ikea for making the most fabulously crazy fabric...

...leaving me no option but to knock up this tote bag. Where else will you find a fabric printed with seaweed, strawberries and a squirrel busting a bird out of its cage. Positive comments have already been received on this bag in the supermarket...I'm awaiting an order to be placed by Tesco ;o).

Thanks to a vintage Pineapple crochet book for making me smile:

Everyone needs a gay evening bag if it makes you this happy!

And finally a MASSIVE thank you to all of you that follow my blog and for the all the lovely comments you leave on my posts.  I really have made some great pals and you all make blogging such a pleasure. I'm inspired everyday by your blogs.

Mucho love to you all
Scarlett x

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  1. gorgeous pressies all round Scarlett...lucky you!
    I would like to say a big thank you to you too for being one of my very first followers (couldn't believe someone would follow my blog!), for writing such sparkly happy posts and for your positive and heartfelt comments x
    And you did a great job on that tote bag btw x

  2. Woohoo Scarlett what a great day for you.Those compacts are stalking you now lol.I found my one today but I think I put it on one of my early posts too (pre follower commenters)
    I love your blog so feel privalaged you follow me back xxx

  3. You have been lucky but oh my, that fabric is to die for, fabulous, love it. My meanie OH refuses to take Me to Ikea (such a meanie) so I never get to go :o(

    B xxx

  4. Hi Scarlett - love those planters - fantastic! What a great bag - very unusual.

  5. Hi Scarlett, thank for visit too :) The fabric and bag are great, we don't have an Ikea where we live..boohoo. The evening bag picture is a hoot, Tam x

  6. You are only allowed to have a gay evening bag if you spend the whole evening holding it like that!

  7. Aw, you deserve the luck and loveliness my dear! Thanks for YOUR fabulous blog xxx

  8. Dear Scarlett ~ you deserve all the loveliness that comes your way, as you are constantly brightening everyone else's day with your beautiful cheery blog and wonderful sense of humour! So a big 'thank you' back to you dear! Love Brenda

  9. Bless you Scarlett, for making us everyday so jealous of your wonderful finds!

  10. Love your bag, totally awesome fabric! Great Gay Evening Bag, think you should make that next! :)

  11. Lucky girl Scarlett! Those planters are v pretty! x

  12. You're more than welcome lovely - the ring Lakota sent you is fabulous and very you :-)

    Ohhh - that's what you meant by awesome fabrics at IKEA!! I definitely did NOT see a squirrel/budgie jailbreak print coming - it rocks!

    Naturally I'd be tempted to liberate one of your planters from your garden if I lived nearby though . . . . hmm!

    Jem xXx

  13. Love the bag. I love Ikea fabrics but there's a limit to the number of pairs of curtains we need in our house! Bags on the other hand there's no limit there. Is this your first make with your sewing machine?

  14. Whilst we're at it, I'd like to thank you for your hilarious boot sale observations. They really make me guffaw with laughter. Still think about the second hand chewing gum incident. Ew!
    Madison xxx

  15. I hope you wrote this post with a tear in each eye, Gwyneth Paltrow style. Your blog is exceptional, therefore you are. A well deserved bunch of treats.

  16. What lovely things but that's because you are such a wonderful person. Your enthusiasm and sunny disposition shine out from your writing, who couldn't help but love you? xxx

  17. HAHAHA! I need a gay little evening bag! That really made me smile and made me forget about this horrible rainy day. You have some lovely little gifts there and I envy your cool new weed picker! I need one of garden is like a wild fairy garden...! xxx

  18. You are a lucky devil, Scarlett. Blimey, I never knew there was such a thing as a weed picker - it looks the bees knees. Love the bag you made, you clever thing.

  19. Scarlett you make me smile all the time so I'm glad you are happy and receiving such cuteness in the mail! We just got one of the Fiskars weed pullers and they are amazing! Enjoy your day my friend! Hugs, Linda

  20. You are so lovely Scarlett! love the blue planters and your gifts are so cute! well done on the bag it is very different, Tesco will have to place an order! Take care.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  21. oh you guys!! Totally feeling the love *cue group hug*. Mwah Scarlett xx

  22. You are such a sweetheart, you really did find some treasures love the pineapple book and what a nice gift!
    Hope your having a great week!

  23. Your such a darling honey, you deserve everything amor.
    cute anchor ring, pow button is so,can totally see you wearing it.
    wow, another compact,oh your getting the vanity luck.
    old planters are best.that weed puller is awesome.
    I love Ikeas quirky stuff.

  24. Aww such lovely pressies you have got recently.
    I always wondered if that weed thingy was any good,it seems to be on on every advert break!

  25. I LOVE the POW button! All the presents are so fun!

  26. You're welcome lovely! Fab bag and great pow pin too. I've been meaning to mention your 'makeover' too - liking the blue a lot although I did miss the pinkness at first! xx

  27. Well that was just a post full of fun! Love the compact and i have to get to IKea they have fabulous fabric. PS my book box sold in a day!


  28. Yeah I love that picture of that lady with her pineapple crochet bag, I was looking at the pattern yesterday trying to figure out an excuse as to why I should make it hehe x

  29. aww aww awww!! i too love the card jem sent with the gift! YAY!! what a cute gift from lakota too!! i do love the tote bag you bought, sooo cuteee!! those are huge pot planter, i thank whoever donated them for you to buy too!! i smiled too when i saw the pic of that vintage pineapple crochet book!! i've seen on the adverts on that weed puller too, i must say it's quite a funny ads! love love love as always of your post!!! love you too scarlett!! muaaahhhhhh

    xx Susan

  30. Thank You for been an awesome blogger, and posting thrifty loveliness! I love your weed picker upper thing, I am always one for a easy life and now I am going to convince my OH that he needs one (for me)! Bx

  31. I'm playing catch up with all your wonderful treasures! Love the rose brush! Love those place cards! I NEED that fiskars weed puller thingy *winks*(I've never seen one here) And of course I LOVE the compacts! Now girlfriend you've gone and gotten me hooked on those too! And I can't look at cute little kitschy animals at the thrift without thinking of you!*winks*
    Oh and that lady who had to move around everything that was touched? I'd have waited until she moved the item I'd put down and then I'd have quickly gone and picked it up again! I wouldn't be able to help myself! Lol! Vanna

  32. awww what gorgeous presents ;-)) Blogland is a lovely world to be part of. A world of fun, love, kindness, adventure, inspiration the list could go on ;-)) Have a great weekend, dee x

  33. Who doesn't appreciate some blogger love,

    Victoria xxx

  34. That was such a cute post! Can i put in an order for the 'squirrel on birdcage' bag please? K x


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