Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Ebay help required

Hello my lovelies, just a quickie post as wanted a bit of eBay advise from my fellow ebayers.  I've bought and sold on eBay for many years but today something happened which I haven't had happen before...

Paypal have reversed a buyers payment!  I only posted the item a week ago and have had no contact from the buyer to say there is a problem but paypal emailed me to say the payment has been reversed and that I need to resolve it through the resolution centre on paypal. I always get proof of postage so I will be able to provide paypal with the receipt (which I'm hoping is still in hubbies car glove box!) but I was totally unaware that a buyer could do this without going through the whole eBay contact process.

Has this happened to any of you?  Any idea on what paypal will do with the proof of postage? I assume its because they havent received the item but the paypal resolution thingy doesnt tell you what the deal is.  I think its a bit cheeky that the buyer hasn't contacted me prior and sheesh its only been a week since it was posted!

Normal happy posts to resume, and thanks in advance for any advise :o)

Scarlett x


  1. Yes it has...the last one finished ebay for me. Auction ended Thursday, they paid Fri night, no Sat post here, and by Monday morning buyer claimed that it had been 4 days and they STILL had not received item. I think some people are professionals at this sort of thing. I then posted item which fortunately was big enough to require a tracking # and paypal accepted this. Ugly and a time waster as well as distressing. I do not believe proof of postage is enough but things may have changed.
    despite the fact that I find ebay ugly and aggressive I am toying with the idea of going back and doing fixed price only, rather like etsy. I hear there are no listing fees now, only final fees...what do you do?

  2. Sounds like a scammer to me sad to say.Its what those Nigerian car scammers do as well.Get the payment reversed after you send something mongrels!!!!I hope you didnt spend too much money on it all and whats their ebay rating like?Maybe contact ebay as well.
    Anyway as you know Ebay is a dirty word to me now grrr again!!

  3. What a pain in the bum! I have spates with ebay and then don't use for ages and find they've changed everything. Could it be a new rule at Paypal rather than Ebay? I've completely lost track of how it all works these days, I mainly just buy as a lot of the time it isn't worth the hassle of selling.

  4. I've had something similar happen before... from what I can remember the money is being held in paypals account so neither buyer/seller have it and then you go through the resolution centre and it should be sorted.

    V x

  5. I'm only a buyer, not a seller on eBay, but it does sound like a scam to me. I waited for over two weeks for a package--I contacted the seller twice about it and they hemmed and hawed and it finally turned out that they hadn't even mailed it until three days before I received it! The only way I'd complain to eBay is if I hadn't heard from the seller. Also, I wish eBay hadn't started making it so difficult for sellers--your comment about making your items Buy It Now only is distressing to those of us who enjoy an occasional good deal on an auction!

  6. I had it happen last year whereby a payment was reversed as the buyer alledged their card was stolen. I send everything via Royal Mail Signed For and was able to provide both a tracking number and a signature and Paypal ruled in my favour.
    I hate to be the voice of doom but I'm afraid a Proof of Postage won't be enough to prove the buyer received the item. xxx

  7. I was just going to post the same as Vintage Vixen :(

    It has to be tracked and signed for. Even our little post office now has a handmade sign up stating this, so there must be quite a lot of scammers out there. Sorry lovely xx

  8. Thank you all for the advise my lovelies - looks like I got the scammer! Will go through the paypal think anyway to see what happens, onwards and upwards! Scarlett x

  9. Sorry sweetie, don't know anything about this. Hope you sort it out soon.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  10. I have this happen twice to me so far this year as a seller and both times it has worked out OK. First time the buyers credit card company was investigating as they were using their card a lot online.
    Second time the buyers card had expired.
    In both cases the buyers sorted it out with Paypal and I got my money released in both instances (albeit after a couple of weeks wait).

    I would try to contact the buyer either by e-mail or get their phone no. (via eBay) and call them.
    Also, I would call Paypal as they see the progress of a reversal well before you do (i.e they hold onto your money for days longer than they need to).
    I hope it works out alright - I have to say though that if it is a fraudster buyer there will be little you can do even with proof of postage.

  11. the buyers now on ebay if they pay with paypal they have a 100% guarantee.
    which for me a year ago I bought 2 light fixtures from the same sellar for almost $600 in total and never got them and ebay couldn't do anything for me now I would have gotten my money back!
    on the other hand this can not be fair to the sellar like in this case just because they changed their mind and you had to pay the selling fees and will have to re-list!
    I hope this was helpful.

  12. Let us know how you get on - hope it turns out to be just a paypal admin mistake. A buyer did this to me last year - it was a big florist in Maida Vale and they'd bought a few Dartmouth vases from different people. One was broken on delivery, so they just cancelled my payment assuming it was from me. My packaging is legendaryily fantastic, so I knew it was a mistake. The florist took their time sorting it out though, and I wouldn't sell to them again.
    Think if you open a dispute case you could get the fees refunded... bit vague about that, sorry.

  13. God I think eBay is becoming ridiculous, I get moans all the time from people allegedly not recieving items, all mine is going recorded in future! Unfortunately you cant leave bad feedback on buyers but you can block them from bidding on your future auctions, got a little satisfaction when I discovered how to work that function! Hope it works out :)

  14. Oh poor you amor,
    I hate that a lot buyers lie and say they didnt get their items.,but I think you can claim it at the post office as lost and get some money back.
    thats one of the reasons I only list my stuff on free listing days. bloody caro (expensive)
    have u tried Etsy?

  15. I have nothing to add but its such a shame that there's people out there that would so such scamming schemes x

  16. bummer!! how the heck they can do that?? i must admit i'm more of a buyer than a seller on ebay, so im not sure if i could give you any advice, scarlett! i do hope it will resolves soon without you having the loss!! bloody cheeky indeed! Hugs!! xx susan

  17. I don't sell on eBay, but I do hope you're able to get everything resolved =(

  18. I've had this happen too, PayPal/eBay were rubbish regarding information and resolution, thankfully was a small/cheap item so I chalked it up to experience. Hope yours gets sorted. Xx

  19. What a hide! I hope their ebay and paypal account is cancelled. It's sad that the one or two always spoil it for the rest of us. I hope it is all resolved quickly and in your favour, Tam x

  20. I am seriously going off ebay. I sell on there too my lovely, and quite frankly, I think ebay and paypal are now PANTS!

    BUT, all may not be lost for you my lovely.
    If you have the proof of posting, and the item was less that £39 or £37, (i can't remenber which) and you can get ebay/buyer or paypal to confirm they are saying they haven't received the item you can claim from the post office as it was 'lost in the post'.

    Hope this helps my sweetie :o)
    have a fabby weekend, and good luck atthe booties :o)
    Donna xxxOO

  21. Hi Scarlett!
    I don't know if ebay UK is the same as the US? But I was thinking the same thinbg as vintage vixen. It's probably a stollen card. Paypal and ebay buyers and sellers protection is not valid regarding fraudulent purchases. I did have this happen to me once years ago with a VERY expensive item. Grrrrrrr!! I lost out doubly because I'd sent the item which they stole and had the chargeback as well. I was sick for awhile about it. Now I've gotten very cautious, especially regarding sending items out of country. I won't send the item until payment is cleared. Fraudulent charges are usually discovered within 4 days, so I hold for that long, unless (in the case of the US) the buyer has a confirmed (not verified) address. In which case ebay will refund to the seller any fraudulent charges if they occur. However holding out on shipment can result in bad DSR's so it's a double edged sword. *sighs*
    I really hope this turns out well for you. Please let us know what happens. Vanna


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