Monday, 11 July 2011

Booty anyone?

It threatened rain yesterday morning but even that wouldn't have kept me away from going to the boot sale. It did however keep the sellers away from the booty instead, the turn out was pretty poor.  Nevertheless I still found some vintage treasures to bring home.

So lets begin...

 Little cut glass decanter, ideal for storing hand wash in my bathroom - £1.

 Two vintage blackbird pie funnels - £1

 Large glass decanter... storing bubble bath.  Would you believe that I saw this same one on a stall and they wanted £10 for it - no chance. I walked along a couple of stalls and spied this one, the stall holder said that I could have it for 10p!!!  Bargain of the day :o)

 You know I'm partial to a bit of wicker so couldn't resist this little beauty... store wine in.  Bought from a rather charming little old lady for the grand sum of £1.

East of India wooden hearts - 50p

I then spotted something which I would never have thought I'd find at a boot sale:

 Only a tube of 1950s Immac hair removing cream!

 The lady who was selling this found it in her grandmothers bathroom cabinet and was surprised anyone would want to buy it. I love the packaging and loved the price  - 50p! Although I'm sure if i used it now it would burn my skin off ;o)

That was all my booty buys from yesterday but I did stop off at the supermarket and buy a magazine I haven't bought before:

Totally seduced by the 'Vintage Issue' cover and  oh my I'm not disappointed - its a fabulous issue with loads of yummy 50s interior design ideas and a whole section on vintage shops. Have any of you read this issue yet?

Now that time of the week for:

Witnessed at a Boot Sale

Man picks up a large glass vase from a stall
Man: "How much mate?"
Stallholder: "£12"
Man: "£12??"
Stallholder: "Yes £12, I was asking £15 for it earlier, it bought it in Paris"
Man:"So what you wanting me to cover your airfare then!"
Stallholder in stunned silence and man stomps off.

Elderly couple selling Durex play stimulation gels *shudder*

A fabulous gay couple trying to flog about 10 male mannequin body forms with rather large 'bulges'. While chuckling to myself the tallest of the two comments with a wink "If only honey hey".

Happy Monday All

Scarlett x

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  1. Oh! I would have loved to tag along and rummage through that boot sale, rain or shine...
    You found such cute things, I love the blackbird pie funnels.
    Every month I buy my Homes and Antiques, it is my favorite one. (I'm a magazine addict)

  2. I have the most enormous pile of Homes & Antiques, it's one of the few I don't eventually recycle but hang on to (probably to flog at a boot sale in 30 years time!)

    I have bubble bath in decanters too, but no-one's allowed to use it! They have to use the extra stuff hidden in plastic bottles under the sink!

    Love the Paris airfare man.

  3. Scarlett, I have to ask, are they green roses in your bathroom? Whatever they are, they're lovely...I love that pale minty colour.
    Once when I was little, I found a tube of marching girl fake tan (in a box very similar to that one) of course I tried it can imagine the results. Natural...NOT!

  4. That mag looks like a good read.Love your stories lol

  5. Ps you may like this place grab an Elvis and add your pic.

  6. I love the old Immac packaging, that was a great find!

    Victoria xx

  7. Great finds, the Immac packaging is stunning. Durex gel and bulges? Was the boot sale in a car park usually used for dogging? My parents own that very decanter - I used to put strong Ribena in it when I was playing 'cafe' as a child. My parents own quite a few things which I could imagine you snapping up at a boot sale. Just yesterday I thought of you when I watered their plants (they're on holiday). One plant was resting on a hand painted glass plate which my mum bought from a charity shop in the 70's. It's early fifties and has Scarlett written all over it!

  8. Great finds. I can't believe i've not been booting this year,think i'm missing out!

  9. Hahahaha! Those 'witnessed at the boot sale' are bloomin hilarious! I sure hope those Durex plays weren't second hand!! Eek!

    I love love love your 10p decanter! I have fallen in love with the idea of putting potions and lotions into decanters ever since I saw it in Vix's bathroom but I won't be doing that any time soon as we need to completely rip out our bathroom at some point.. I'll wait until we've made our bathroom worthy of decanters before I hunt them down.

    The Immac cream is so charming.. the packaging that is! The instructions look fab.. I love the fact that 50s style packaging is coming back in trend now but an original is hard to find so well done you!

    That magazine looks great.. I love vintage issues so I'm going to have to go grab that! We just started ripping the wallpaper off in the living room so any interior design magazines are more than welcome atm! I subscribe to GoodHomes magazine and absolutely love it! xxx

  10. "Scarlett Harlett"
    sorry I had to say it :)
    I love the decanter and for 10 p , lots of rip of people but I still have hope when a see a 10p item at the boot sale.
    yeah, Vixcita put shampoo in them but I am afraid to that incase they get broken. I am rough with the things I own. little magpies are cute, they remind me of some old cartoons about some crazy magpies called "Hekel and Jekell." an wicker baskets are always a must. I would of bought that vintage hair cream too just for the packaging. oooh I am going send Buddy out for that vintage magazine.

  11. oh the boot sale witness was hilarious especially the gay couple wink comment.

  12. Love the decanter - great idea using it for bubble bath!

  13. Excellent finds, Scarlett. You and your wickerwork,you must have an enormous collection by now! Like Lakota, I've put bubble bath in my bargain decanter and no-one is allowed to use it bahaha!

    Glad you're back. All is not well at chez moi on the computer front, our's is up the creek for the 2nd time this year. Grrrrrr. V. annoying.

    Have a lovely day! xx

  14. That Immac box has some really classic 50s packaging and I love those decanters.

    By the way, check out Hen House's blog as here gorgeous house is features in this month's H&A

  15. Using the bottles for practical and pretty purposes - inspired! LOLing at what you hear at the car boot sale.

  16. sweet little blackbirds, I'd love to come across some of these, might prompt me to make some pies.

  17. Oh I love the blackbirds and the comments from the boot sale

  18. I love a good bootsale conversation. Hilarious aren't they?
    Bargain re the pie funnels. I've seen them sold for £5 each.

  19. Cute finds Scarlett! Love the first cut glass jar and that wicker wine holder is also a fav. As always the conversations don't disappoint!

  20. I'm a big fan of decanters to store Jon's cheapo bubble bath and shower gel but £10? Are they crazy?
    I'm a sucker for old packaging and the Immac's a treat, things were so much more glam back then but I do have to wonder if the seller was selling it as a collector's item or if they thought it was still useable. x

  21. Love the decanter you are using for handwash and the basket! Please dont use the hair removing cream though - think it would burn the skin off!

  22. Oohhhhhh. I'm all over the glass!! That decanter is the bargain of the month, let alone the week for 10p!! You must be thrilled - it's utterly lush! Looks very pretty with the lovely bath gubbins inside too!!

    Jem xXx

  23. Love your blog...where do you find these amazing treats!! Me and my mother love finding treasures like this for her photography and our cupcake business..anyway just to say hi and cant wait to see what you buy next xx

  24. Love those pie funnels - I never seem to come across those in my neck of the woods, much as I'd love to have one. Fabulous selection for 'Witnessed at a Boot Sale' this week - they all made me snigger.

  25. The pie funnels are gorgeous, such a classic. I'm a big BBC homes and antiques fan but were always about 2 months bheind here so haven't seen that one yet. another great 'overheard at the boot sale', ta for the laughs x

  26. LOL :o)

    Oh it's so nice to have you back!!
    I love your blackbird funnels..they are seriously gorgeous!

    And yes, I bought that magazine last week and I never have before. It's fab isn't it?

    have a great week scarlett, and take care. xx

  27. Everyone has said all I was going to say, so i'll just give you a cheery wave instead :)

  28. It sounds like quite the bunch of characters at that sale! That elderly couple must be very spunky! Haha, that's so strange :)

    Glad you found a bunch of cool things! That vintage hair remover is so cool! I can't even imagine the ingredients they used to use for something like that. :)

  29. if you use the immac you would never have to shave again me thinks..

    very good buys and i think using the decanter to put bubble bath in is a fab idea! x

  30. i absolutely adore the vintage blackbirds and the wooden hearts!! I can't believe that you bought the decanter for 10p! oh, i believe you coz it's you, Scarlett! hehe the wicker basket is another to add to your collection and i love the photo of the decanter that you use for storing hand wash and i spy a gorgeous vase with flowers at the background too, beautiful!! and..err may i know what hair we're talking about in that removing hair cream? hahahaha , i think i need to get that magazine, looks very very interesting.
    I laughed so hard reading your witnessed at bootsale! i wonder if the elderly couple has used some of the durex? *double shudders* and i'd like to salute the guy's retort for that £12 glass for the gay couple, well ... all i can say "if only honey, hey" hahahahaha hillarious!!! always love your post, Scarlett and bravo for not letting the bad weather keep you away from bootsales!! xx Susan

  31. Wow to the Immac, I'll BET the lady was surprised to sell it, you oddball! Packaging is brilliant though. What on earth are you going to do with it?!

  32. Love the unique, charming items you found!!

  33. I absolutely adore the glass decanter and such a bargain too. I had no idea Immac had been around that long! Such a rare thing to see, the packaging is by far wonderful xxx


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