Sunday, 27 March 2011

Sunday Trinkets

I actually made it to the carboot sale today before it opened! It meant that I had to queue round the car park to get it with all the other bargain hunters chewing at the bit to be first to the treasures.  As we've had such lovely weather I was expecting it to be a really good sale today but it seems the sunshine has brought all the dealers/traders who are selling great stuff but with antique shop prices.  I did however grab a few bits this week which I was pleased to bring home. So lets have a look :

First off a vintage glass dressing table trinket pot:

It was caked in dirt but was all mine for 50p and the best bit is that it matches my glass dressing table set that i already have :o)

Another apothecary Jar:
A good sized one for my little bits and pieces and mine for 20p :o)

Vintage buttons -  I loved these as they are really decorative ones and there is enough of the same style to re-button a cardigan to give it a revamp, there are also some cool military style ones.  I got these for 50p a bag.

Another thing I don't think I've mentioned is my love of scarves, I have a good couple of cases full but I always buy them as you can get them cheap and they have so many uses.  One sort I am drawn to is the vintage 'souviner scarf' the ones brought back as a trip memory or an unwanted gift.  I haven't seen any for a while but got lucky on two separate stalls today:

The funny thing is they are both from Malta! Maybe its a sign that I should get my bum to Malta to find my fortune lol. These were 50p each and I also picked up another scarf:

Its a vintage St Michael's scarf and still has the original label attached.  I was drawn to it for the tea pots, cups and a bit of floral - couldn't be more fitting really could it, all it needed was a picture of Elvis and then we'd have had ourselves a party lol. I was chuffed to have this one for 50p too.

I came across a young man on a stall who was selling his nan's old bits and pieces - I love these stalls as you are always guaranteed to get a good price as they don't know how fabulous some of the old trinkets are.  Well I zoomed in to grab this little beauty:

How fabulous is this!  I actually fell in love with the box so wasn't bothered what was inside but inside there was a whole host of goodies:

His nan has kept magazine cut outs inside for icing cakes, these are dated from the early 60's there's also a few extra vintage bits like the designing rings which are still in the original sleeve and never been used.  I'm looking forward to having a read through the old magazine cut outs and will share any gems I find.  I couldn't believe I got all this for £1 - very happy Scarlett!

Also from the same stall I got a real kitsch find:

I've looked online and it's most probably 1950's and he said his nan used to serve her alcoholic drinks on this tray and the coasters were a bit of fun in her house - I think I would have loved his nan :o)  My favourite coaster has to be this one:

 So very true :o)  I bagged this lot for £1 - complete bargain!

I also found this Babycham glass on the same table:

In the bag for 50p.

I bought a lot of books (all for 10p!) mainly for my son. One which I had to have was a little wonder from my own school days:

Please tell me my blog friends that I'm not the only one who remembers the Letterland ABC from primary school?  My hubby doesn't know it at all so cant share in my joy of finding this lol. 

I also found a knitting book:
I will learn to knit someday especially if i can make this:

Who wouldn't want to make a knitted bottle cover - hahaha!  Come on those of you who can knit - this should be the top of your projects list *wink*. 

And of course I couldn't go home without a 40p piece of Pyrex!

Now for the highlight of the week:

Witnessed at a Boot Sale:

Lady: How much for the tea light holder?
Stallholder: 50p
Lady: I'll take that thanks (offers 50p coin)
Stallholder takes coin but lady remains at stall
Lady: Can you wrap it?
Stallholder: This isn't Harvey Nicks love!

On the topic of bagging Boot sale goods I also saw a middle aged lady with the biggest (empty) Ikea bag on her shoulder who kicked up a stink at not being given a bag by the stall holder for the jumper she just bought!  I of course always carry extra bags lol.

The last bit of fun was over a vase:

Man: I'll take the blue vase please
Stallholder to her son: Can you grab a carry bag for the Turquoise vase please.
Man: Oh is it turquoise blue, well I only want a blue vase so I'll leave it.

Hope you've all had a cracking weekend.

Scarlett x

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  1. Your 40p Pyrex bowl is fab!! I'm a scarf lover too some I'm drooling over those - especially the St Michael teapot covered one - lovely! :-)

    Jem xXx

  2. Not a bad stash for a days work!! The glass trinket pot was a bargain. Think charity shops are cottoning on to their popularity as I often see sets of them for at least £10.

    The story of the man and the blue vase is funny, some people are very odd!!

  3. Looks like you can never have enough Pyrex dishes, right??? LOL

  4. Ooh Malta, I'm off there in June, can't wait. I like your little deco trinket pot and those icing guns are wicked, my gran has one. I think my hands get too hot for an icing bag and melt it all! Agree that coaster nan sounds like fun x

  5. I can see a book coming out soon, with your finds and quotes. One of my fave over-heards at a car boot was:
    'I'd rather come here to get rid of shit than to buy more shit to be honest love'
    'it's your fault that it's only shit we can afford'

  6. you got some great things.. i love stalls like the one you got your icing kit from. because like you say they dont realise the treasures they've got on the table..

    haha loving the harvey nicks line.. ive used somthing similar myself when a woman asked me if i had a certain top in a bigger size.. i told her it wasnt selfridges!!..

  7. Love your finds especially the vintage tray and coasters! That is the kind of thing my parents had. Pyrex is always a great find! Good day I would say. hug,s Linda

  8. Wow - some great finds there :) and I love the carboot evesdroppings too.

    I missed our first bootsale of the year - was away for the weekend - but MrVV has promised to take me next Sunday. I need someone like that young lad to have a stall ;)

  9. im in love oh im in love with that gorgeous vintage dressing table pot and apothecary jar!! I'm also in love with the St.Michael's scarf with teapot and cups on it!! so envious here! hehehe you found lots of treasures i see! i absolutely love the 1950s tray and coasters!! gosh so many things I love there! too many to mention, too busy drooling on your finds! I giggled reading the last part on witnessed at car boot sale hahaha...

  10. Always a pleasure to come and visit you and see what great finds you have. Thanks so much for joining again this week for the newbie party.

  11. I am seriOusly drooling at your finds especially the tray and coasters - they are utterly fabulous and an incredible bargain.

    LOve the pic of the poodle bottle holder. I've always wanted to make one of those poodle loo roll cosies. Oh dear, I'm drooling again at the very thought!

    Have a bargainicious week, dear Scarlett.

  12. heaps of good stuff AGAIN! Scarlett...
    my favourites this time - the tray and coasters, the gorgeous Nutbrown icing set and the photo of all the lovely glass vases in your knitting book x

  13. so funny, those quotes, got me giggling. Lovely piece for your dresser.

  14. Too funny - love the little bits you overhead at the sale. I have to agree that that man's Nan sounded like a hoot. You got yourselves some good deals. What fun!

  15. You scored some cute vintage finds!

  16. La Scarlett strikes again! *winks* Love that trinket dish and the scarves! Funny I have an icing kit very like that AND...You're going to be so jealous I JUST know......I also have a PINK poodle hand knit toilet paper cover! Please try not to envy me too much!LOL!! That pyrex bowl was a steal too!
    That's too funny! "This isn't Harvey Nicks love!" So true! Here in the states one almost never receives something wrapped from a garage sale...But a buyer certainly NEVER expects it! Silly peeps. Vanna

  17. i'm actually LOVING the graphics on the icing outfit! n♥

  18. have never seen the alphabet book either, but since I'm way up in Alaska that figures eh? lovely pyrex too, that color is striking!

  19. Great finds - as usual! Don't think I'll be rushing to knit that bottle cover! Well ... maybe! Have a great week.

  20. I love reading your car booty stories, they make me laugh! I have had similar experiences at car boots and i can imagine those conversations. I love the vintage cake/ icing set it looks amazing, such a sense of history with them. I cannot wait for my car boot to start at Easter! Bx

  21. I love reading your witnessed at a boot sale snippets! They are always so funny and true to life!
    I remember the cover of the Letterland Abc book, but don’t have this one in my collection. The vintage St Michael scarf is such a gem and the icing kit is fabulous, I am so jealous of all the great magazine cut outs, I bet there fascinating to read xx

  22. I love seeing your new finds every week! You had a great haul this time!! And isn't that so true about cake?

  23. Love your buys Scarlett, glad the weather stayed good for you!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  24. How can he not know letterland?!i used to LOVE that when i was little lol.
    I really do like the buttons,you can never have enough buttons!
    You do have a lot of good luck at car boots,do you want to send some of it my way pleaseeeee

  25. Oh brilliant! People-watching at boot sales is such fun.

    You have amazing finds this week - love them all! Particularly like the retro tray and coasters.

    Fab haul. Maybe I should start getting up earlier...

  26. I love the scarves im also one who cant walk past a scarf without being tempted to buy ive a drawer full of them :)
    Love all the other little bits aswell the coasters are fab!

  27. Great finds, Scarlett - and I love the overheard at the bootsale anecdotes again. Missed my boot sale on Sunday as we were away this weekend, so am enjoying seeing what everybody else bought! x

  28. Great post! Love your icing set xx

  29. I love the icing set too. Was teaching when Letterland first came out!!

  30. Oh wow, fab finds there! I'm in love with the icing set and the coasters!!! Very cool!

  31. I am loving EVERYTHING! Such fab finds, never been to a proper car boot, looks like I will have to get me to one pronto as that's where all the best stuff seems to be.

  32. Scarlett! Love the quotes, people do make me die with the things they say and if you have never been to Malta get yourself over there ! Its a wonderful country with the kindest fab people ever. I used to go there on my own for sun and wonderful food when I was a single gal xxxx
    Some great bargains again this week, LOVE ! The icing set and the drinks tray and coasters. I would have snapped them up too.

  33. Love that icing set...How lucky are you! And the trays are fab! x

  34. hiya scarlett , what great finds you have there , lovin lots of those finds x remember the letterland books from my childrens school days but 10p omg that was a bargain x i would say that the knitting pattern book has some great pictures in it , i love your little pieces overheard it makes me smile the things you hear at boot sales x tfs

  35. What a sweet blog! I found you on Debbiedoos.

  36. I remember the letterland alphabet! My brother Robert had the book Robber Red!

    Victoria x

  37. I love the stuff you found on the grandson's stall especially the icing set. Making me sick most of your finds as they are so great. A real reminder to go to a car boot sale soon.
    My finds are over at with a quiz too.
    Love how you have told about little cameo scenes of the diverse ramblings of the bargain hunters.

  38. Lucky girl. I'm jealous of all your finds! Weather is still too miserable here for sales. I wish spring would hurry it up already.

  39. great finds! I love the coasters. you're right that Nan sounds like so much fun!!!

  40. Love your icing set! love the coasters they are very kitsch!

  41. Wow! This was such a great haul of fantastic finds! I stated drooling when I saw the teapot scarf! FANTASTIC! The fun retro coasters and trays are so fun! Love them.

  42. Love love love the icing set and your 50s trays and coasters! Such great finds-well done!

  43. I remember Letterland! Kicking King & Hairy Hatman and such... Kinda drooling over those coasters tho, you find the best stuff! :)


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