Tuesday, 8 March 2011

How Much !?!?!

Hubby had a day off work yesterday so we decided to have a mini road trip and check out some other towns, I was hoping for some spanking charity shops too. First stop was Hungerford, a nice looking market town. We parked up and did the usual faffing about with the buggy, in which time I had managed to  mentally pin point all the charity shops in the high street :o)

There was a animal charity shop nearest to the car - looked brilliant from the window display. Walking through the door I spied a tatty looking kelly bag but I liked the loved look so picked it up and checked out the price tag...£39.95! That bag suddenly wasnt so appealing lol. I then saw a nice throw - £24.95, a pair of floral curtains - £15.95 and so on... No chance at those prices sheesh, sorry animals.

So I have dipped my toe into the world of the super expensive charity shops, what a downer even the children's toys were like full on Hamleys prices.  It was the same with the other charity shops in Hungerford too, least that's one way for me to curb my spending.

Next stop Marlborough - serious lack of charity shops and the one I did go in was high ticketed too, but they did have a Greggs sandwich shop among the boutiques which made me smile, you can always count on a Greggs lol. 

Final stop was Devizes - I spied an Iceland on the highstreet so I knew their CS have got to be more my style ;o).  I found 6 charity shops on my speedy visit and the prices were more realistic. So all of my purchases of the day were bought in 30 minutes before my little boy needed his food!

Meakin rose plate/tray - half price at £3, was also a cabinet item so I knew it was going to be a good one haha.

Shamrock teacup and saucer plate - just in time for Paddy's day and as my mum is Irish so we do love the paddy day celebrations :o) This was half price too at £1.50.

A blue and white Cornish recipe book - found this under a pile of magazines and was a whopping 20p!  Now I just need to find the Cornish wear to match it.

A keep calm money box - I did have a chuckle with the lady on the till saying that I would need a couple of these filled for my 'drinky' night out! This came in at £1.99 :o)

I saw this tray sign "Gifts for all Occasions, From Vintage to Roses" above the vintage clothing section in one charity shop and thought it might have been the usual 'not for sale' nice item that they always seem to have but when I asked the manager said that it was only donated that morning and I could have it for £3 *grin*.  So Scarlett wrecked another display by taking the main item :o)

I also found this amazing floral true to the 80's shirt complete with attachable pearl collar lol:

This hadn't been spotted by the staff and put on the "Vintage rail" so I got it for £1. It needs a lot of tweaking to bring it more to my 40s/ 50s style (and I'm afraid if that happens the slip on pearls will be going) but I might be dead lazy and ebay it...we'll see. 

So what started out as a heart stopper trip turned out good in the end, and I think I'll rethink before I visit the "posher" towns charity shops in future. I'll be sticking to towns that have at least a Lidl, Argos and Primark - haha! ;o)

Scarlett x


  1. i do love all the keep calm items.
    When we went on holiday i asked if there was an argos around and everybody just looked at me like i swore loudly..their shop prices were swearing louder back at me,ridiculous amounts asked lol

  2. More great stuff, keep it up! love the cornish book what a great bargin :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  3. You're completely right - my little town is relatively middle class with the supermarkets being Waitrose, M&S Food, Sainsbury's. The charity shop prices largely reflect this too - much more difficult to find a bargain!

    Jem xXx

  4. Hadn't thought of that before - but you are right about equating those shops with cheaper charity shops! Good tip!

  5. Great finds :) Give me a cheapie charity shop anyday - got a great skirt in my favourite today - just £1 :)

  6. So glad the day wasn't a total loss regarding thrifting! All of the treasures you got are wonderful!

  7. Aren't the prices in some charity shops ridiculous!

    I love your Meakin plate, I have quite a lot of Meakin plates and servers,

    Victoria xx

  8. OMG!! for those kind of prices, might as well buy new stuff rather than second hands! but I'm in love with your vintage tray! gorgeous!! i love the keep calm money bank too, so cute! you're so blessed that you have a husband who is so patient while you're hunting treasures! mine wont like it if I go in and out charity shops and would nag me to hurry up! hahaha love your findings as usual, Scarlett! x

  9. LOVE the cup and saucer, and that fabby blouse - love that it comes with pearls hehe! I just tend to steer clear of the high priced charity shops, can barely afford the cheap ones at the mo, glad you found some goodies! :)

  10. You found some good loot! That rose tray is adorable! Love the 80's blouse too. Please tell me that was a kelly "style" bag and not an actual hermes kelly bag? Because a REAL kelly bag for that price would make me cry with jealousy!
    And a high five *slap* for us hoarders *winks* Thanks for liking my more is more table top. I'm leaving it alone for now....mostly cuz I don't have anywhere else to put the stuff that's on it! LOL! Vanna

  11. I spotted a little cardboard case in an op-shop a couple of weeks ago...nothing special,old beaten up,dented etc. but it reminded me of the one I took to kindergarten. Feeling nostalgic I asked the lady behind the counter how much it was - when she said ten dollars I couldn't believe it! I don't mind paying above op-shop prices when something is worth it (after all the money goes to charity) BUT...I think sometimes they do get slightly carried away with their pricing! x

  12. It's funny how some CS's charge more than others. I guess you have to get to know which ones do and which ones don't/ Good buys though!

  13. you got some great things .. i love the cornish recipe book .. some of the charity shops have a laugh with their prices dont they they .. like you say you'd pay less in a proper shop, somtimes it is best to shop in the more "deprived areas!" you can always get a gem or two.. rich people tend to not like to part with their goodies!!


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