Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Fresh Donations you say?

My little boy was in refusing to nap yesterday afternoon so I used the winning technique of power walking with the pushchair - hasn't let me down yet.  Needless to say I would have been rude of me not to pop into the 'secret' charity shop, I hadn't been in there for over a week so I'm sure they were missing me *wink*.

Well I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw another shopper in there!  Its the first time ever that I hadn't had free run of the shop (previously a classroom).  The other shopper was wearing a full on faux fur coat (Cruella de Vil style) and had immaculate hair and make-up, she also looked bemused as to how she had ended up in a charity shop and was fingering the goods very suspiciously.  All became clear when a little girl ran in full dance gear and the women asked if she had enjoyed the dance lesson. Phew!! I didn't have bargain hunting competition and no stuffed puppies were going to be hurt in the shop, she just took a wrong turn collecting the girl from dance class. Diva strop avoided and no need to bellow "Who is she!!!" lol.  One swish of the coat and they left, I doubt I'll be seeing her in the again, she will however have an amusing tale for her next dinner party or soiree.

So I was alone and no longer had to be on my best behaviour, let the rummage commence!  First finding was would you believe it, another picnic hamper:

Slightly smaller than my other one but still just as lovely.  The inside again had the token naff plastic cutlery but I was going up in the hamper world as this one had patterned plastic mugs, green cutlery and a plastic check table cloth -ooooooooh! haha.

 I think picnic hampers might be the new bedspreads - I'll now be seeing them everywhere.  This little set cost me a whole £3 - and yes it was the most expensive item in the shop ;o)

The shop manager then bought in some bags of donated goods that she was going to put out, she asked if i wanted to check them out - well hello there!  Yes it did also cross my mind as to what horrors I may  encounter but it was a risk worth taking.

I found this Price's Candles advertising dish:

Made by Lord Nelson Pottery and because I was pulling items out the bag the manager was making the prices up as she went along- she gave me this for 10p *grin*.

I then found this rug beater:

Its an ideal stress buster, I can now go out in the garden with my rugs and beat the hell of out them lol.  This cost 50p and will be worth every penny, better warn the neighbours that a crazy woman welding a charity shop bargain will be seen in the garden.

I then found a couple of beauties, two vintage ladies hats:

The emerald green one has no makers label but the blue one has a very old Bermona London label.  The manager gave me a strange look when I said they were fabulous and she said I could have them for 50p each!!  I nearly squealed but I kept my composure, but mucho inner squealing was done!

I also found a bag full of craft and sewing magazines:
I got 20 of them and she said I could have them for 10p a magazine. £2 paid and I've got about a couple of months worth of magazine reading to do.

So the walk home was interesting pushing a baby with a wicker hamper and a rug beater over my shoulder, Mary Poppins move over, i looked like the hard-ass version! 

Now before I leave this blog post I need to mention that Lakota - faith hope and charity shopping is having an amazing give-away and in the my plight to rescue Saint Cath go and check it out :o)

Scarlett x

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  1. Haha!! I can just picture you wandering down the street buggy to hand and beater slung over your shoulder! :-) That's why we love you Scarlett - you're a class act!

    How fantastic to come across another gorgeous picnic hamper too!

    Jem xXx

  2. fab finds.. oo i do love a secret charity shop.. the one that hasnt undergone a selfrdges makeover so prices are low.. its fab isnt it..
    i like the hamper on top of the other one.. you could use them like a little side table!!

  3. Oh I'd love to go CS shopping with you - bet we'd have fun.

    I remember the walking to get them to sleep bit too - kept me so fit. Perhaps I need to borrow a baby!

  4. MI piace molto il piatto e il battipanni.Buona giornata,Rosetta

  5. Oh my Scarlet, you sure crack me up! i kept laughing while reading your post! i can just imagine the lady with the cruella de vil style in that charity shop didnt want to get her hands dirty touching the goods! hahaha and you, most of all!!! gosh, with those rug beater and the baskets etc... while pushing the baby, I SALUTE YOU!!! hahahaha...Love your post as always and you! x

  6. The buggy power walk - I remember it all too well!!! Though I didn't have many charity shops near me when my daughter was small - there was a weekly local car boot where we had loads fo fun in the summer months though. Now at three charity shops mean books and small toys!!!! (Sometimes she is lucky) She is often happy to sit and just play with the toys, read the books while I search for treasures! And mostly the shop staff and volunteer are quite relaxed having a child in the shop playing with the merchandise (appropriate merchadise of course).

    Cruella de ville can keep buying from new snotty old bag - in time her cast offs will come in useful to someone.

    keep bargain hunting!!!!!


  7. Isn't it great when your timing is right! Good finds!

  8. Oh this did make me laugh!
    Bargain with the magazines,i love spying crafty magazines.
    I so need to get me a rug beater
    Have a nice day

  9. Your post is so funny today, I have all these different pictures running through my head now! Great finds Scarlett, love the hats :) So envious of the magazines, hope there are some good things in there to make :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  10. More fantastic finds for you!

    Victoria xx

  11. Wicked finds again - you should just take a van to that place and load up - et voila, instant Etsy shop! Are you going to keep both picnic baskets or is it the Bay of E for one of them?

  12. Hey Scarlett, you'll have more picnic baskets than I have t towels the way you're going!!!
    Night night x

  13. I remember when all the charity shops used to be empty in town. Only old ladies went in them, which suited me because they were getting rid of the stuff I wanted. These days, nobody seems to be embarrassed about going in them. There was one in my auntie's street years ago, just a couple who used their front room as a shop, I had some of my best ever finds there, hardly anybody knew about it.

  14. LOL, love this post! I had a good chuckle while reading it. How dare some other woman be in your thrift store! The nerve of some people! :)
    You found some awesome things! I would have loved to have found that bag of craft and sewing magazines!!

  15. I like the tales that come with Charity Shops. I love the people who tend to run them and I like how they are always completely spontaneous on each visit.

    I remember being thirteen and refusing to go in with my Mum, I felt mortified that someone might spot me and expose my secret! How time has changed, I now love browsing for a bargain and uncovering a vintage treasure, I wouldn't choose to shop anywhere else.

    Those magazines are a complete bargain and the picnic hamper- a girl can never have too many xx

  16. AAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!! Another hamper?! Oohh you lucky ducky! Strange, I've never been fixated on hampers before but now you've got me longing for one! I can just see you walking down the street with that rug beater in hand! NOT a day to ask you questions *winks* And that advertising plate is so cool! I'd have wrestled you for that my friend! There are times I admit when I have little dignity...heh heh Vanna

  17. Ooh great timing! I love finding magazines in charity shops, mostly since I'm too stingy to shell out the £4odd most glossies cost these days! :)

  18. wow what AMAZING bargains!

    im so envious of your gorgeous picnic hampers, i have been on the lookout in charity shops for ages for one of these!

    loving the sewing and crafty magazine bargains too!

  19. What, not another picnic basket/ hamper! You are obsessed, woman! Your house must be awash with wicker.

    Love the rug beater and am very envious of your secret charity shop.

  20. Your secret shop is amazing. Love the picnic basket! Lots of great finds for sure.

  21. haa ha I was laughing at your both your descrition of the fur lady and you and your mary poppins comparison! I love when i'm the only one there and can talk to the owners. I always get such a great deal! Way to go!
    Thanks for linking up at Thrifty Thursdays!

  22. Hello Scarlett!
    So I looked at this post a little to close to bed time because I dreamed about those awesome vintage hats!!!

    I totally had a great visual of you hauling your treasures home!

    So fun! I went to Goodwill last night, and found two beauties. I will post this Weekend because I am hoping to add more to my treasures for my post :):) Also hoping to do a green post in honor of St Patty's day! gotta gather up the green!

    The Joyful Thrifter


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