Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Scarlett loves Wartime Sweethearts

As you know I've got a huge love for the 1940s and 1950s which was mainly from my Nan and Grandad and all the stories they used to tell me of these eras when I was growing up. I was pleased to find a large box of old black and white war time pictures in my Nan's house. I was sorting through them last night as I am going to put them all in a photo album (a vintage one if possible If I can find one on my travels) and I was really touched to find this picture of my Nan:

Its been encased in a metal frame and backing by my grandad and on the back my grandad has scratched "Eileen 1943", his name and army number. He must have done this to protect the photo he carried while away on service in Germany. How romantic is that....you can just imagine all these men miles from home with pictures of their Sweethearts to keep them going and keep moral up.  This little photo now has pride of place in my home and I love the sentiment attached to it :o)

I also picked up these vintage postcards yesterday:

This first one was on the top of the pile and was what drew me to these beautiful cards

They are dated 1931, 1939 and 1945. They were a bargain for 50p each too, and I cant stop admiring them on my mantelpiece. These are one of my favourite finds as I never see old postcards around the charity shops near me so I must have been fated to have these :o)
Here's to all our Sweethearts

Scarlett x


  1. Your Nan has a lovely face Scarlett...she looks so smart in her tweed jacket and little hat on top of freshly curled hair. What a very special treasure for you to find and keep!
    And the post cards are pretty too.

  2. I love the postcards, good find :)

    Bee happy x

  3. Old postcards are such a gorgeous keepsake, a beautiful little window into the past - how lovely that those seemed to pop up at the right time for you :-) I often insist to my other half that many of my little finds were destined for me, which he seems to find amusing - nice to know you think my way!

    I particularly love the 'Many Glad Birthday Wishes' card! :-)

    Jem xXx

  4. Your Nan looks like she was a really stylish lady, I hope you find a suitable album for all the other family photos. Gorgeous cards too - does one say "to my waiting Grandson"?

  5. Those old postcards are wonderful which reminds me that I think I've got some knocking about in the loft - must find them! Lovely photo of your nan, she's beautiful.

  6. your nan was a classic beauty!!! I love the sentiment that your grandad put at the back, so so romantic!!! and the postcards..*sigh in contentment*, they're just wonderful! love the old postcards especially when it has gorgeous flowers on them..and so old too! yes you must be fated to have those! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Love your picture story. That is too sweet. Yes I can imagine them carrying those photos ever wondering as they went into battle if they would return. That's a great story. Love your postcards. How come everyone back then had such lovely handwriting? I have a few old postcards - I collect travel ones of the places I have been. Thanks for sharing Scarlett.

  8. A lovely blog!
    Thanx for the advice. Will have a look at the Farrow and Ball range. Have now discovered it is called a Front Door Knob! No closer to getting one though!
    If I relied on my hubby to do the decorating we wouldnt get anywhere............I do it all - with a little help from him sometimes!

  9. Such a lovely photo of your nan and such a beautiful story that goes with it, makes you feel all warm and cosy, i love stories of war time romance it really touches you. I love the little postcards to, i have a couple like that they always have such lovely words written on them and are always so pretty. dee x


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