Friday, 4 March 2011

And the Fugly award goes to...

My fellow charity shop addicts may be familiar with the phenomenon of the "fugly item"  - the item that remains on the charity shop shelf for weeks on end that no one wants but no one seems to put it out of its lonely misery by either buying it or the shop binning it. Well my yesterday I took it upon myself to remove said item from my local charity shop as I cant bear to see it there anymore (and it was half price day lol).

This is the little horror:
He's been on the chairty shop shelf for months (I'm sure you can see why). I've been avoiding his little beedy eyes staring at the back of my head for ages so enough was enough.  Now I need to find somewhere to hide him...unless any of your lovelies what to give him a home - let me know :o)  haha.

The plus side of half price day and the good karma attached to the fugly removal scheme was this little beauty:
As a horder of cake stands I was chuffed to find this one (I dont own a single plate cake stand) and it was half price at £1 hoorah!

I'm not going to make a habit of fugly removal as my chairty shop "cred" with the elderly staff was seriously knocked yesterday ha ha.  I'm sure they had a leaving party for him though....

Scarlett x
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  1. Hi Scarlett! Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, I always love finding a new one to read and this post has made me laugh! Well done on removing said fugly item!
    Will follow and return!

  2. Oh Scarlett, I do love that cake stand, not so keen on the fugly though, despite the fact that sometimes I do like stuff that could be considered by others to be ugly...

  3. I can see why it sat on the shelf for months! Love the cake stand, it looks ace on your table cloth :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. I once bought a box of tea sets from a flea market kind of place but in the bottom was a horrid little man ornament so I spray painted it gold and now it looks kind of cool, spray the ugly thing so it fits on a shelf somewhere and no-one will notice its ugliness trust me x

  5. that is indeed a scary baby!hahaha you're so kind Scarlett to buy that fugly thing! but I do love the cake stand with that gorgeous rose on it!! i have yet own any cake stand too! but i'm still hunting from charity shop to another, i saw a not so pretty cake stand the other day and they put £6.50 for it, so no thanks...but yours, definitely gorgeous and only costs £1!! what a great bargain!!

  6. it! You know what will happen, he'll become your 'lucky charm' and you won't be able to go shopping without him. He'll have to be brought regular offerings of milky-bars or all you'll find in charity shops will be worn out men's trainers in a size 12, and plastic 'leather' handbags with big biro stains!

    See, he's already brought you the lovely £1 cakestand!
    Lakota x

  7. O.M.G. Scarlett, I love the cake stand. I can't believe it was only a quid! Why don't the charity shops round our way have a half price day. S'not fair. Sorry, I'm ranting now. Mind you, even at full price, would still be a bargain.

    mmmm, not sure about fugly, but I agree with Lakota, could be your lucky charm indeed.

    There is a fugly, a teapot, in fact, at our local Oxfam - been on sale since October! I actually quite like it but don't need another teapot. However, if they were to reduce it in price (currently £5) I might be tempted to buy it.

    Byeeeee xx

  8. Haha I kinda love the little fugly guy! And the cake stand of course, altho not sure I see the point of a single plate one...but its too pretty to argue with! :)

  9. What a pretty bargain.................but I can't find a kind word to say about the little fella!!

  10. I have been know to put a 'fugly' item out of it's thrift shop misery! Glad you's kinda cute??? Love your cake plate, lovely pattern. Thanks for joining JFF this week. Hugs, Linda

  11. Too funny. He does look quite unique. I love the cake stand with the beautiful roses. ~~Sherry~~

  12. Gorgeous cake stand!

    Have a great weekend,

    Victoria xxx

  13. I think your china tray is "fpretty". Love that rose motiff. And the trinket is kinda a cute anyway--I think it will bring you luck.

  14. Bless are sweet for buying him but i have to agree he is ugly sorry ;-)) Lovely cake stand, have a lovely weekend, dee x

  15. Okay, I am looking past scary baby to the cute little critter peaking out from under the table. The pattern on the plate is lovely.

    ~ Tracy


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