Friday, 30 September 2011

The A to Z of Scarlett

I have enjoyed reading fellow blog friends A-Z posts, so I thought I take part in it myself.

So here we go....

A - Age.
30 years old - I'm not sure how that happened, thirty snuck up on me overnight! I do however feel like a 24 year old inside so I am set on growing old disgracefully ;o)

B - Bed Size.
King size baby!  Much needed as I am a very anti-social sleeper. I will take the quilt and wrap it around me so there is no take backs. I also sleep diagonally so hubby is left with the edge of the bed.  Don't feel sorry for him though, he is a terrible snorer, so much so I have considered taping a tennis ball to his back so he cant lie on it as that increases the snore volume.

C - Chore you hate
All of them!  They are called 'Chores' for a reason, and I loath them.  My mum is a complete clean-freak but I seemed to have missed out on inheriting this gene. If you call up to say you are popping over, you know I'm going to be doing a mad house tidy dash!

D -Dogs
I have never owned a dog, I've had cats around me since I was little and I have two fur-babies of my own.  If I did however decide to get a dog it would have to be a bug-eyed pug - just love them. If I could get a unicorn one then even better:

E - Essential start to your day.
The most essential start to my day is sneaking to the bathroom (past my son's nursery door) so I can get a shower in before he wakes up. He does however have Batfink auditory skills and on many an occasion I have been rumbled mid dash on the landing. I can only imagine this task is going to get harder once he is in a proper bed.

F - Favourite colour.
It has to be red and black.  I have a wardrobe full of both these but I'm also partial to a bit of leopard print.

G - Gold or silver.
Silver (or platinum darling, I'm not fussy lol).

H - Height.
5"7 unless I'm wearing some monster platform peep toe heels which can push me up towards 6 ft,  I then get pointed at for being mega tall as well as being "in fancy dress" - as commented by one person who didn't get my 50's vibe.

I - Interesting random fact.
Yes I changed this from instruments as I don't play any but would love love love to be able to play the bass in a rockabilly band. So random fact....I have no gall bladder - it was removed when I was 20.

J - Job Title.
Before I went on maternity leave I was labelled a 'Credit Controller' now going back to work and being given a job in a different department I now am a 'Customer Service Representative' - Yawn.
I will one day be a 'vintage boutique owner' *wink*

K - Kids.
One cheeky little chappy aged 14 months, babyhood went far too quickly and now he has developed into a proper little boy who is full of mischief and keeping me on my toes.  As for having more...would love to, I get terribly broody over newborns and seeing baby bumps but really need to move house etc before can even think about baby number 2. 

That's my boy!

L - Live.
In Hampshire. Looking to move to a bigger house in the new year, more space to fill with junk vintage treasures :o)

M - Mothers name.
Pauline, although I started calling her Mo when I was a teen (quicker to say than mum when I was dashing out the door) so that's kind of stuck.

N - Nicknames.
The only nickname I got stuck with is Stav after doing a rather uncanny impression of Stavros Flatly (from Britain's got Talent fame) under the influence of vodka.

O - Overnight hospital stays.
 I've had overnight stays in hospital when having my tonsillitis removed at 18, when having my gall bladder removed at 20 and when I had my son.

P - Pet peeves.
Blimey how long have you got? People who don't say please and thank you, queue jumpers, people who talk with their mouths full of food, people who swear in front of their children and more so people who swear in front on my boy.  People who stand right outside shops smoking making people walk through their reeking fog of smoke. Homophobia, racism and bullying. I could go on but I'll stop there.

Q - Quote from a film.

Ron Burgundy: I don't know how to put this but I'm kind of a big deal.
Veronica Corningstone: Really.
Ron Burgundy: People know me.
Veronica Corningstone: Well, I'm very happy for you.
Ron Burgundy: I'm very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.
(Anchorman - The legend of Ron Burgundy)

Napoleon Dynamite: [taunting a bully] Oh yeah? Who's the only one here who knows secret Ninja moves from the government?
(Napoleon Dynamite)

R-Right or left handed: Right

 1 Brother who is 4 years older than myself.

T-Time you wake up:
Usually 6am on a weekday but I do try to get a lie-in till 7am on a weekend - whoopee do!

 Is essential and the more Bridget Jones 'pull you in' pants the better. I'm a huge fan of shape wear, got to keep my extra curves in place and sucked in. I am also a corset loving gal.

V-Vegetable you hate:
I hate mushrooms, cauliflower, sprouts and cabbage.

W-What makes you run late:
Mainly my son. I hate being late for anything but since having a baby I've realised how much effort it takes to get myself and my son ready and get both of us out of the door without forgetting any of the essentials.  Going back to work has been a huge learning curve getting us both ready and out of the house by 7.30 am.

X-X rays you've had:
Teeth and my wrist when I broke it.

Y-Yummy food that you make:

Hmmm, I can make a good curry but to be honest I'm no domestic goddess so no one expects much from my cooking.

Z-Zoo animal:
Orangutans Rock!  I have sponsored work the work WWF does for them for several years and going to Borneo to see them is on my bucket list.

And that's me!  I'm sorry about the page break in the middle, blogger this evening is not letting me take it out, have no idea how I managed to put it in there in the first place.

Its going to be a hot one this weekend so hope you all have a fabulous one. Also a quick reminder that my giveaway ends Sunday so if you haven't signed up for it and want a chance to win check it out Here

Big Love


  1. Really enjoyed reading your a-z Scarlett. I'm with you 100% on the big pants! Em x

  2. Orangutans rock, indeed! Don't you just want to cuddle those little ginger fluff balls?! They'd probably give you a nasty bite though! ;-)

  3. Blogger is being a right arse at the moment, I have the hump with it big style. Given the choice, I would also sleep diagonally, and have been told I am a duvet thief! Yay for leopard print too x

  4. Loved this Scarlett, I'd love to go out with you dreesed to the nines in corsetry and 6 inch heels! Have a brilliant hot weekend.

    Lucy x

  5. A great A-Z scarlett. I'm with you on the king size bed front as I have been known to roll out of bed when sleeping into anything smaller!

  6. Scarlettita,
    I love all the Ron Burgundy comments! I also got my gaul bladder taken out. your tall! I will be a midget next to you. aww.. cute Finleyto is looking more like his PaPa. I also love corsets and shapewear.Your gonna love me cause I hate saying please and thank you for everything,lol Lucky biatch on having a King size bed!
    luv ya

  7. I'm a big knicker fan too. My days of wearing cheesecutters are long gone. I want knickers I can wear, not eat.
    My gall bladder is gone too! Snap!

  8. Aah I nearly put the 'leather bound books' quote, freaking love that movie! Excellent snoring tip too, shall remember that! The format went funny on mine too, Blogger is upsetting me these days! :)

  9. I loved peeking into what makes you who are you. Thanks for sharing.

  10. What a fun post. Loved learning more about a fellow blogger than I ever suspected I would.

  11. Loved your ABC I am soooo nosey lol.I could add a couple of your peeves to mine forgot a few.

  12. Super fun! Thanks for sharing!
    Heart Carly

  13. Love your A-Z! I hope you find your unicorn pug one day ha ha.

  14. Great A-z! I find these all very informative! =D
    Loved the pic of the kitty stretched across two beds. (Reminds me of my dog who trys to push me out of my own spot on the bed to make more room for him.)
    Your Son is a real cutie.
    I seen a newborn baby today at Walmart. (I had serious thoughts of getting impregnated this evening so I too could have 1 in 9 months.) *Then I remembered I am scared* HAHA
    You hate mushrooms? HOW! they are so cute. =D

  15. We are the same height! Woot!

    Your little boy is SO precious! He has the cutest little smile. He's grown so much! He'll soon be in his big boys bed wont he! Then he'll be in and out of bed all night HAHA!

    I love that picture of the cat stretching over two beds!

    I'm with Vintage Coconut above! How can you hate mushrooms?! They are so yummy and go with EVERYTHING apart from maybe chocolate but I bet there are chocolate mushrooms somewhere in this world!

    King size bed! *green eyes* xxx

  16. You are so tall and I'm dead jealous! You're little boy is gorgeous and I had no idea you had cats...hooray for another moggy lover. xxx

  17. I really enjoyed your A to Z about Scarlett! Always fun to learn more about bloggy friends!

  18. Big knickers for the win ;-)

    Hadn't spotted this until just now!

    Jem xXx

  19. Loved this, Scarlett. I too do a mad dash tidy upy cleany thing when people come over to our house. xx

  20. The cat stretched out is too funny. Your little boy is such a cutie!

  21. Great A-Z, love the pics! Looks like fun, might have to do one myself. Sherry :)

  22. I really had to laugh about your B-bed. It sounds like me and my boyfriend. :) I am much smaller then him but I will take over almost the whole bed-space.
    Your boy is such a beautifull little boy. You must be very proud of him.
    Nice to read your A-Z.

  23. Enjoyed reading this! How cute is the little fellow?! Adorable!!

  24. I can relate to you from B to F hehe...and of course i'm also with you with the Corsets! your cheeky little chappy is just adorable! i really love reading and knowing about you more! I envious of your height! i wish i was as tall as you! now that i'm fatter, i feel like this short ball that can be rolled down the stairs hehehe..

    x susan


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