Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A little bit of booty

Autumn is upon us and so is the end of boot sale season around my area.  There is one regular one that tries to keep going through the autumn/winter but the turn out is always dismal.  I therefore have no option but to travel further afield to get my boot sale fix. I have previously mentioned my out of season booty which starts at 11am (nice for making sure I arrive in time for the start) and is in a two story car park which is great for rainy days but  in some corners you do need a torch to see the stalls as its very gloomy. So this weeks buys were from this out of season booty, i only came home with a few bits this week:

 Set of three little cases - £1

 Soap and Glory shower cap - 50p.

And for my random buys of the week:

...and cardboard jewels.  These were from a window display in Accessorize a while back of which I admired on many an occasion so I couldn't believe it when I saw them on a stall at the boot sale!  The lady selling them was an ex-accessorize employee who had nabbed them once the display was changed. I paid a £1 each for them and am now deciding where I'm going to put them as they are big!

Now for a bit of:

Witnessed at a Boot Sale

Lady picks up a skirt
Lady: "I cant see a size in this, what size is it?"
Seller: "Its probably a size 12, I wore it a few months back"
Lady: "So are you selling all your stuff that's too small now?"
Seller (and myself) stunned.

Seller looking smug wearing a tiger print adult size baby-grow (we have primark to thank for these) unfortunately for him though no one else found it as funny as he obviously did and therefore a wide berth was taken of his stall. Fool.

A very busty lady trying on a bra over her top, and then deciding after a mammoth struggle to get the bra off again that she didn't want to pay the £1 asking price.

Hope you've all had a fabulous week so far and a huge hello to my newest followers :o)



  1. I absolutely love those Accessorise jewels and pocket, what a fantastic find. I'm dying to see what you do with them.
    The gingham cases and jug look lovely together.
    I love a silly shower cap, too. 11am? That's so civilised! x

  2. You jammy so and so!! :-) Those Accessorize cards are absolutely brilliant!! Love them!! Especially the pocket watch of course with it's Wonderland connotations. The little cases were a total steal - what a gorgeous way to give a little gift, all wrapped up in one of those! Jug AND gorgeous lillies for under £2 - happy days.

    Jem xXx

  3. love your boot sale tales... I could not imagine selling a bra at a boot sale let alone trying one on!!!!!

  4. Scarlett I absolutely love, love the cases! The jug looks almost new, or did you repurpose it? Lovely pieces! Hugs!

  5. Well worth the trek - lucky you getting hold of those signs - I often lust after window displays and wonder what will become of them.
    Loved this weeks' tales - bra one being a 'LOL' moment, it's only a matter of time before you'll be sharing a 'Punch-up at The Boot Sale' tale!

  6. how lucky to find the x displays! love your your 'overheard' made me laugh after a VERY long day at work. x

  7. Love your finds Scarlett, and your overheard conversations bring such a smile to my day :o)

    Take care my lovely.

    Love Donna xx

  8. Gaaa I know those baby gro things you refer to. A few weeks ago I saw them hanging up behind the till in Primark when shopping with my mum. I actually said that must be the most hideous bit of clothing I have ever seen. And people not buy them but wear them too? Ugh yuck! lol.

    Just loving those suitcases they are gorgeous. And at a great price! Love the jug too. Good find with the accessorize bits! So different.

    I do love your witnessed at the boot sale. They always make me laugh.

    MBB x

  9. Ooo very jealous of the pretty pinK jug! I am looking for one just like it! Thank you for sharing your boot sale tales - I will have to keep an eye out for my own! x

  10. Those CASES!!! Divine!! The jug is beautiful,and lillies are a fave flower!

  11. Ohhh I love the little cases, they are so sweet!
    The shower cap looks cute.
    And I would totally love the cardboard jewels too.

  12. Great buys as usual dear but I do have one question......Where do you keep all these treasures? Do you live in a secret vintage filled Cath Kidston styled Castle?

  13. OH MY BLOODY GOD!!! You lucky lucky woman you! The pocket watch window display is amazing!

    The little suitcases are adorable and look perfect to store in hair accessories, belts and other pretties!

    I'm looking forward to going home to visit family again in October as it means I get to go to the booty with my mum! Yipeee! xxx

  14. Those little suitcases are so sweet. Your stories are as great as usual. People are so strange, aren't they?

  15. ADORE your suitcases.....and you should write a book about what you witness, soooo funny!

  16. Wow, gorgeous finds Scarlett, they are all so vintage!!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  17. Everything you bought is lovely but what makes me smile is the shower cap. I have one of those - it was given to me as a Christmas present and I was a bit taken aback at being given a shower cap (although I kept a straight face) - but you know what? It gets used every day (except the days when I wash my hair). Highly useful and very cute too. Turned out to be a good gift after all.

  18. The suitcases and the pink jug are gorgeous. I would have bought them to.
    Overhere it is also the last month that there are outside bootsales, but then they are going to be indoors. :) No rain, no wind, I love the indoorbootsale's.

  19. Amazing buys.Those suitcases are so sweet.
    Love your 'Witnessed at a Boot Sale' , always makes me laugh.

  20. Love love love those little suitcases and the jug! the accessorize cardboard pocket watch and jewels are soooo shabby chic, beautiful! and the shower cap is just too cute, loving the color of it! and of course i always never skip ur witnessed at a bootsale hahahaha...just priceless, so sad that there will be bootsale in autumn? i dont know about! xx susan

  21. I think I need to go to that bootsale, what lovely things (great prices as well!). I really like the pretty suitcases, so handy. I love the cardboard jewels as well, would look lovely in a bedroom :) I enjoyed reading the bootsale stories, they made me smile.

  22. Love the cases so cute and never seen them lke that before.Had a great chuckle over the 1st story.

  23. The giant jewels and pocket watch are actually amazing! Very jel you managed you nab them!

  24. I like you random buys of the week! Those cases are pretty sweet too.

    E :)

  25. Ay, gingham cases are the cutest perfect scarfs too. love shower cap especially if they look vintagey.giant jewelry and pocket watch, Im intriged amor. You should put them on your vanity.
    I am cracking up at your first story, foo reals you should write a book called "Boot Sale Drama"

  26. Those suitcases are so darn cute they make my pocketbook ache wanting to buy something that good at that amazing price! Love the comment about selling off things she's outgrown - where is Miss Manners when one needs her?

  27. I Love the cases - with a capital L! They would look fab in my new red and white living room!!


  28. oh gosh how adorable are this cases!!!i want to have them too!!!
    love and kiss,mary

  29. As always fabulous finds my friend! The suitcases are killer cute! The pink enamel needs to live at my house *winks* The huge faux jewels...too cool! And the watch advertiser (?) Love that also!

    That poor seller in the first story! She should've responded "Oh no I've lost too much weight so much too large for me...but I can see it fits you nicely!" *retracts claws* Meow! Lol! Vanna

  30. Excellent finds, Scarlett. Looking forward to seeing what you'll do with those ex display stuff.

    Do you know that I've gone off boot sales? Unbelievable I know, but I've only been to a mere handful this year and they've ALL been pitiful. V disappointing indeed. I just thought I'd share that with you. I'll go

  31. Those suitcases were a super buy and so were the jug and ex-display items. What ever shalll we do when the booting season ends?

  32. I so LOVE your new look blog my lovely :o)

    It's gorgeous, and so YOU!!

    Hoping you have a fantastic weekend my lovely.
    Take care now,
    lone n hugs to you,
    Donna xx

  33. Oh wow - check out your new blog graphics - fantastic! I love it :-)

    Liking your ex-display gubbins - when I was a teenager I had various enormous cardboard things in my room swiped from the video shop - I had an massive 'Prayer of the Rollerboys' (v dodgy Corey Haim film) which my mum always complained about!


  34. Scarlett I am in love with those little gingham cases! & WOW those Accessorize cut outs are pretty unique, I always admire window displays and do wonder what happens to all the display come the new season. Great find xxx

  35. WOOT!! new blog layout/template! gorgeous and it's sooo you!!!!!

    thanks for the birthday card and birthday wishes, Scarlett! i love it and you ROCK!! xx susan

  36. WOw! I am sooo jealous of the Accessorize displays! I asked once if I could buy one when the display came down and they said no! (I did this in Tescos and came home with a massive pile of large gold and red metallic Christmas baubles!!!)


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