Thursday, 1 September 2011

Bank Hol Booty

Blimey where is this week going, only a second ago it was the bank holiday weekend with 3 oh so lovely boot sales!

So this is a bit late this week but here are some of my boot sale finds (there are more buys awaiting a bit of photo action).

We'll start off with a bit of bling:

A vintage scorpion brooch. Being a Scorpio how could I resist this.  I did pay top dollar for it though, a whole £2!

Two more black bird pie funnels - £1 each.  These keep finding me, looks like I now have a collection:

Better get baking some pies!

Vintage soda syphon - £2. This one is a beauty. I have already owned a few soda syphons but have found new homes for them so this black and gold beauty is staying with me :o) I did see another one on a stall which wasn't nearly as nice as this and the seller wanted £20 for it! No chance sweetheart.

A little bit more Elvis with these two vintage books - £1.

Vintage playing card - 50p a pack.  The ones in the silver box are still sealed:

They even have the duty tax wrapper intact around the cards.

 A little bit of history for you, it was James I of England who passed a law requiring an insignia on the ace of spades as proof of payment of a tax on local manufacture of playing cards. Up until August 1960, decks of playing cards printed and sold in the UK were liable for taxable duty and the Ace of Spades carried  the name of the printer and an indication that the taxation had been paid on the cards.The packs were also sealed with a government duty wrapper like this one.

I also stumbled upon the stall to end all stalls for kitsch tack-tastic ornaments. The stall holder was selling her late mothers bits and pieces and among them were these:

 Bambi deer family - 80p

Little 50's donkey - 20p

How cute is this little vintage pink fish - 10p!

 My favourite of the kitsch bunch:
Little bear being bitten by a crab! Love it especially for 30p :o)

Well that's enough buys for this post, hows about a bit of:

Witnessed at a Boot Sale

A rather prim and proper couple in their 50s tutting and complaining about the mud on the car boot field.

A lady wearing a grey jumper picks up a full length grey woollen cardigan
Lady: "How much?"
Seller: "£4"
Lady holds the cardigan up against her "hmmm no I don't think grey is my colour".

A seller shouting out at every female walking past his stall that he has "Salon hair care products going cheap".  Each female then seen touching their hair cautiously.

My pet hate - A stall with a price tag on everything and the seller refusing any haggle attempt with the words "i think that's more than a reasonable price".

I'll be back with some more of my boot sales buys soon.

Happy Thursday all

Scarlett x


  1. I love your pie funnel collection! I never see them anywhere! And your 10p fish has to be bargain of the day. As usual, your 'overheard' quips made me smile. I love a bit of a haggle at the boot, its what its all about isn't it?!

  2. Those little penguins are so adorable.And love the soda syphon/Love the color.You did good on all the figurines.Wish we had boot sales where I live.xx

  3. Are you aiming for four-and-twenty? (blackbirds). Lovely brooch, worth the £2.00.

    Can’t stand it when people won’t haggle - that’s what it’s all about! Just found out a local market is being turned over to a second-hand market this month. let’s hope it’s not just another Lanzarote rumour - then I can show you some of my finds too.

  4. Awesome finds!! i also love ur pie funnel collection and those super cute ornaments! loving ur vintage playing cards and the soda syphon too! the scorpion brooch is so stunning! and i always always never pass up the witnessed at a boot sale part! never cease to make me laugh! hehehe...x susan

  5. ooooh I love that scorpion brooch Scarlett, I can imagine you wearing that...I also love the little pink fish to bits. Everything else is v.nice too. Thanks for the history lesson btw x

  6. I'm going to start looking out for one of these pie funnels, they are so cute, plus this would be a purchase welcomed by James as he is a great lover of pie and mash, coming from the east end :) Loving the kitsch buys as well, so cute xxxx

  7. I also share a hatred for sellers that have everything priced up.. I don't even bother looking because I know it's going to be more than I'm willing to pay!

    That pink fish is gorgeously cute! What a gem! Love her!

    I got a black bird pie funnel from Dunelm Mill kitchen section about 5 months ago for 99p! They're awfully cute, he's sitting in my kitchen window! xxx

  8. Oh Scarlett!! The little donkey has stolen my heart completely!! I've always said I'll rescue a donkey once I we have some land as there are a surprising number who need rehoming. Now internally singing 'Little doonkeeey, little doonkeeey, on the dusty road . . .'

    Jem xXx

  9. Scarlett,
    I seen them before at the boot sales and grannies always win them to me. I needed to vent the bunch of apple pies I been making all this week.
    they are so cute.
    scorpion brooch is da bomb! I knew you had to be some cheeky astro sign.
    oooh, you know I could read playing cards as well.
    love old cards.
    cute bear and fish fugurine. bambis and donkey.

  10. Truly enjoyed visiting your blog. You were lucky finding so many vintage goodies. I love the quotes at the markets.

  11. You always find such nice stuff! I love the blackbird pie funnels, and the sweet little ornaments - just too cute! xxx

  12. Love those kitsch ornaments - I know my Mum used to collect that sort of thing as a child in the 50's. Sadly due to many house moves she's only got a few left.

  13. Great finds. I have the twin of your soda syphon - it's in white and silver and from the 1970s. Must go to Dunelm to buy one of the pie funnels. I've always wanted one.
    Love from Mum

  14. Interesting - didn't know that about playing cards! Great post!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  15. Loving your boot sale finds - especially the blingy scorpion (you can't beat a nice bit of bling on a brooch, if you ask me!) and the bird pie funnels. I love those and never seem to find any round here.

  16. Oh goodness Scarlett, so much kitsch goodness here! The little pink fish is the cutest and my the deers are so lovely. Such wonderful finds as always xxx

  17. Scarlett you have once again found such fun items. I love all the kitsch goodies, deer family, pink fish & donkey all are sooooo cute. What a fab find the playing cards still with the duty tax wrapper on them. Hope you have more luck this coming weekend!
    hugs, Lindag

  18. I love the pie funnel blackbirds, they make a great group. I never knew that about playing cards, I have a feeling I'll be scanning all the packs I come across now, the hubby WILL be impressed when I knowledgably say, "oh they must be post 1960 playing cards" x

  19. Love the bear getting a bit by the crab...and your fabulous pie bird collection!

  20. a girl after my own your vintage finds, especially those little ornaments, the fish is brilliant! Love the idea of recording the random and funny things you see and hear at carboots, they are rich picking ground for it, full of some pretty odd folk!its even more noticable when you have a stall yourself and have to put up with people haggling of a couple of pence and making some pretty random chitchat! thanks for visint my blog, lisa x

  21. Wow, this was quite a haul!!! I love it all, interesting about the tax on playing cards??


  22. The pink fish is sooooo cute!

    Victoria xxx


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