Sunday, 18 September 2011

Same same but different (and a giveaway!)

Notice anything different about my little space in blogland?  Yup I finally decided it was time for a revamp and as I'm not a master in the art of html I got some help from the fabulous Happy of Happy loves Rosie fame. She worked her magic and hey presto I now have a blog design that I love and is very much 'me' :o)

So what better excuse is there to have a giveaway to thank you all for being so fabulous, hoorah!

  Up for grabs is this little random bundle of goodies which I put together so there is something to appeal to each of you (hopefully!)  So here's the loot:

For the vintage book lovers there is a copy of Enid Blytons 'Chimney Corner Stories' along with a wooden crafty bookmark:

For the vintage tea towel lovers we have a rather charming little red number:

And I know there are some of you lovelies partial to a bit of Cath Kidston, to nail varnish and to vintage buttons:

To top it off is a flower hair band (no rockabilly chick would be without a bit of hair flowerage) and a rather pretty but in no way vintage bracelet:

So that's the goodies and here's what you have to do.

For one entry be a follower and leave a comment telling me what one item you cant live without.
An extra entry if you blog about this giveaway or add my button to your sidebar (please comment again to let me know).
Plus extra entry if you follow me on Twitter (loves_elvis) or tweet about this giveaway :o)

The giveaway will close on the 2nd October and the winner will be announced shortly after.

Good luck to everyone who enters.


  1. This new design is really amazing cool! Looove it!

  2. Hello! Vix said we must visit you so I obliged! Love your blog so far and what a lovely new design it has! I'd love to enter your giveaway if allowed please, I'm now following! What can I not live without? Hmmmm, I guess that would be a book! Life would be miserable without a book!

  3. Cool blog design - really cracking Scarlett.

    I didn't even have to think about what item I can't live without - that would be my Macbook. It's an extension of my arm. :)

  4. What a fabulous makeover, Scarlett! You're a proper rockabilly blog now what with the sexy chick and it!
    I can't live without that tea towel. God, that doesn't make me sound very rock'n'roll does it? I promise to only use it when I've got a JD and coke on the go and a pair of killer heels. xxx

  5. This new design is so very 'you' - I think it's excellent!
    The one item I can't live without, has to be my phone.

  6. I love the new blog design, looks amazing. Makes me dying to re vamp mine but I am useless with HTML!
    Please can I enter? The one thing I can't live without is my Iphone. I went on holiday and took a rubbish nokia and felt a bit lost. Makes me relaise how much a rely on it!

  7. I love the new design its great. The one thing I couldn't live with out would be knitting, I can't be found without!!!

  8. oooh another giveaway amor, I love the buttons and polish with hair flowers. OMG! I love your new rocking design. wonder is she can do me a Morrissey one.

  9. Hi Scarlett,

    I have added your button to my sidebar and am now following you on twitter!

    The one item I couldn't live without? Now that's a hard one - I think it would have to be a camera - I need to document the things I do and it gives me great joy to look back over pictures and reminisce (even if the photos are awful!)


  10. Love your makeover Scarlett. I think the vintage buttons are nice to be used on some of my hats and other little things I have here. The bow would look very nice on a hat I have also. I'm a follower! Hugs!

  11. All of those items are awesome!!

    I couldn't live without my car! I am always rushing around, to work, to drop my youngest to school, to get some for the nicer things like weekend breaks, visiting family and for day trips out!

    I am going to try to link up to it on my blog - will let you know if I manage it (with my daughters help!!)

  12. Your new blog makeover is brilliant! It's so rockabilly and cute but most importantly it's so very you!

    I am drooling over these lovelies in your giveaway, especially the Cath Kidson soaps, hair flower and the Chimney Corner stories which would be perfect for my new fireplace! xxx

  13. Wow girlie, loving the new look!

  14. Scarlett I love your new blog look! It is truly amazing! What a fun giveaway you having going. I am a follower and I am addicted to my that would be my item I can't live without!
    hugs, Linda

  15. Hi Scarlett, loving the revamp.

    One item I couldn't live without would probably be my ipod touch. Mainly for the music (I lost all our music on the computer when the hard drive died) but also for sneaky peaks of my favourite blogs (yours very much included in that). xxx

  16. Hurrah!! New design is a brilliant fit!! Loving the new look and v glad you took the plunge :-)

    Jem xXx

  17. Loving the new look!
    One thing i couldn't live with out is my bed!! xx

  18. Very posh new look - knew at once it was a Happy design :)

    One item I can't live without at the moment is my crutches - take them away and I'm stuffed!

  19. OMG I LOVE this new design!!!
    Oooo,I'm in! I can't live without that Enid Blyton book!! I grew up on her wonderful books!!!

  20. Love the new look! And Elvis on the telly is the perfect touch.

  21. How awesome is your new page?I forget what the old one was now lol I saw a library book of Elvis the other day and guess who I thought of?

  22. OoOOoO I love the page makeover it is FAB-uuulous, amazing and everything inbetween.

    One Item I could not live without = A blanket. I am a sucker for being cozy and comfy. *lol*

  23. I can't live without my kettle. I am addicted to tea, it helps me make the stock for my yummy soups and fills my hot water bottles to stem off the icicles. Jen

  24. Your new blog look is on!

    It is sad but I can't live without my mobile phone...well I manage if I have to...but I am so used to having it.

  25. Found you through Vix too!

    The item I couldn't do without? I would have to say my handbag, even if I have nothing to carry I feel 'naked' without some kind of bag or purse!

  26. Hello my lovely, what a fab giveaway. As you know I am a long time blog and twitter follower ;-)

    I can't live without my laptop, I'm pretty much surgically attached! xx

  27. Hey, love the new look Scarlett, its a very cool design!

    I can't live without my iPod, I'd be lost without my night-time audiobook session!

  28. Wow I am in love with your layout! The header is amazing!

    Hmmm what couldn't I live without? Haha so cheesy and not an item as such but my fella- for putting up with my ways and being dragged round charity shops etc.! Oh and of course some good mascara ;)

    Also following you on Twitter (can't believe I already wasn't)


  29. Oh! Oh! Count me in pleaseeee!!! one item i cant live without is definitely my lumix camera hehehe....what a fab giveaway scarlett! i love everything from the vintage book down to the flower hairband! xx Susan

  30. I have added your cute button on my sidebar! xx susan

  31. I've been ur follower on twitter too! xx susan

    Good luck to everyone! x

  32. Your blog awesome! Thanks for tips on London shopping, seems like Camden is the place to go :)

  33. OOO! Hark at you with the lush lips and big boobies. I take it it's a good likeness. ;0)

    I'm liking the new look.

    Would of course like to enter the giveaway and you know I'm already a follower.

    Madison xxx

  34. Fantastic new look! I'd love to be entered for your giveaway. Em xx

  35. Following on twitter now too! Em x

  36. Ooooo loving the new blog look its so you :) fab giveaway aswell, the one thing i cant live without is the internet lol
    will add your button to my sidebar x

  37. I am definitley a follower! and I can't live without the lovely hair and jewelery flowers. Heck I can't live without any of the giveaway treasures!

  38. Such a great present! I think I will say the one item I can't live without (although I have ;)) is a coffee maker! There is just something so soothing and homy about being able to turn on the machine and while you're doing your morning things the coffee just gets ready on its own. :)


  39. Been a follower for a little while now :)

    The one thing I couldn't live without would have to be my book(s), if I couldn't read ever again then I wouldn't know what to do with myself!!

    Loving the new blog design, tres jolies.


  40. My morning coffee...a proper one. No instant in this house. I'm a coffee snob I'm afraid. And tweezers. And that lovely tea towel. x

  41. Gorgeous giveaway! How did I miss this? What I can't live without is my laptop. I'm addicted so of course it had to die on me today!

    Em x

  42. By the way lovely, I will hopefully be blogging about your giveaway this Thursday (you will see why when I post) but you'd better not give me an extra entry until it's up! x

  43. Great giveaway, love to be included :) I don't think I could live without my new laptop now I have one, it is so much faster!!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  44. Cool giveaway, what gorgeous goodies.

    I definately couldn't live without my phone...not very original,but true.

  45. Lovely stuff! I couldn't live without a book. I'm so twitchy without one!

    Danni x

    Have followed on twitter too (@dannithegirl)

  46. Hello! Wow how did i miss your fab makeover, it's brilliant!!!

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway..I've been following your blog/twitter for a while now.

    I hate to say it but I can't imagine life without my iphone now (sad but true).


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