Friday, 23 September 2011

Spoilt Scarlett

This week I've been well and truly spoilt by my friends in blogland. I've been lucky enough to win 3 giveaways and had a fabulous special surprise parcel. So I need to dedicate this little post to these wonderful bloggers.

The gorgeous Vix from Vintage Vixen blog fame sent me the most amazing package of  goodies. I was totally blown away by the thought that had gone into the treasures she sent.  So what did I find in my parcel?....

Stunning turquoise stratton compact and swallow bracelet (the bracelet has received many a compliment since I've been wearing it - beautiful)

Kitsch-tastic deer trinket pot, Vix did note in her card to check out his angry expression - love it!  Makes me smile every time i look at him and his scowl.

Super cute lace fingerless gloves  - no lady should be without (ive realised how tricky it is to take a hand picture without said hands looking manky or at a funny angle).

And finally to top off the already amazing parcel, Vix sent me this 1956 copy of Blighty magazine.  Its chock full of cheeky stories and minxy women - right up my street :o)  Thank you so much Vix, you know how thrilled I am with all my goodies.

Next up was a fabulous giveaway win from the fabulous Em from vintage-sweetheart.  The parcel came all the way from Australia and was such a treat to open.  Here's the treasurers I won:

Very cute half apron and hankie, vintage tie, wire necklace and ring blanks (I'm totally going to get my craft on with these).  There is a fabulous Palissy pinecone print trinket dish and the sweetest little blue and white hat. 

Love it all thanks so much for picking my name out the hat Em!

The final parcel travelled the seven seas to reach me and probably has a tale to tell about pirates and mermaids.  It was sent by our lovely Nelly of My Friends Call Me Nelly fame.  I won a great giveaway she hosted and the prize I picked were these nutty salt and pepper pots:

You cant get kitscher than big eyed squirrels that dispense your salt and pepper. Love them!  Nelly was also very naughty and included a lovely set of Australian goodies:

They included a handcrafted Australia note book, Koala magnet, kookaburra print, 'Waltzing Matilda' hankie and stickers (Finley has already had these stuck to his face). She also sent something special for the little man:

 This absolutely amazing wooden sail boat mobile.  I adore it and it goes perfectly in his nursery.

Thank you so much Nelly, all the gifts are beautiful.

And finally a thank you to Flo for her toe tag mysteries giveaway. I was lucky enough to win a Toe Tag murder mystery game "Tommy Gunn's Club" which Flo emailed over to me.  Its amazing how well thought out the game is and you really do get everything you would need (bar the guests) to hold a fabulous party. I now need to get 15 of my friends and family all together to give it a go - will be mayhem ;o)

If you haven't checked out these lovely blogs yet make sure you take a peek, you wont regret it. 

Hope you are all having a fabulous Friday and hey its going to be sunny this weekend :o))



  1. Awesome gifts for an awesome girl, and lady luck has been smiling on you too! Love all the stuff that Vix sent - she is a woman of impeccable taste - and Finley's mobile is gorgeous too. It never fails to amaze me how fabulous bloggers are. Have a great weekend xx

  2. This reminds me of the Ferrero Rocher advert! :-) 'Ambassador you are spoiling us!'

    Gorgeous, thoughtful gifts!

    Jem xXx

  3. Lucky you, Scarlett - going to check out those blogs now!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. How freakin' fantasmo!!!
    Hurrah for being thoroughly spoilt!! xxx

  5. Lucky you receiving such wonderful gifts from bloggy friends!

    Have a great weekend,

    Victoria xxx

  6. Whoa - it's all just too much! Parcels are so exciting, I find myself looking around the charity shops thinking "Scarlett would like that, ooh - that's right up Jem's street, or I bet Vix would look good in that" more and more, and thinking I'd have as much pleasure sending them to a good home as I would buying myself something.
    There's so much love in blogland, it's brilliant!

  7. That stratton is gorgeous - i'm rather jealous x

  8. Amor,
    You won the blog lottery!
    Vix is just so fabulosa and kind to all of us bloggeras.She never fails to amaze me. what a gorgouse Stratton compact, love the color and cheeky magazine. cute swallow bracelet. that nautical play mobil is so awesome. that trinket pot reminds me of my chihuahua Ernie,lol
    those squirrels are kitschtastic.
    You lucky Mama!
    enjoy your gifts.

  9. Gorgeous gifts Scarlett :o) You lucky lady! (and lucky Finley :o)

    Love your jumble finds form your previous post too. And glad you stuck your ground to those bag pinchers :o)

    Have a peachy weekend my lovely.

  10. Thank you! You are so lucky 3 in one week? wow. I love those fingerless gloves!

  11. I reckon that parcel must have some stories to tell 3 months by sea!1 so glad it finally made it tho.Thought pirates had got it.xxxx

  12. Wonderful gifts and wins Scarlett! Love Love Love the sailboat mobile for the nursery! How perfect. I'm in love with that turquoise compact also. Oh my! Have a good weekend.


  13. OOOO Such lovely gifts and giveaway wins.
    Nobody could complain about such cute stuff!
    That little scowling deer is adorable.

  14. you lucky lady :) those salt and pepper squirrels are SO cute.

  15. You have been very spoilt! I'm so glad you liked your goodies. That mobile is freaking adorable.

    Em x

  16. You have been thoroughly spoilt! But you deserve it! And have a great weekend yourself too!

  17. ooooh lucky you! fab gifts scarlett! love all of them especially the squirrel salt and pepper and the deer trinket pot, the swallow bracelet is just gorgeous! and even ur little man got the super adorable sailboat mobile for his nursery! enjoy your weekend hun! xx susan

  18. Lovely things, lucky you. The deer is by far the star, his expresion is priceless!

  19. Wow, you are so lucky! all those wonderful gifts and giveaways well done Scarlett :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  20. What amazing gifties! The compact is so lovely and that magazine - I'm sure it's full of great ideas about living to the fullest!

  21. Love the swallow bracelet, so pretty :) That little deer made me smile as well..I think he is super cute (even with his slightly grouchy face :P. I think that adds to his charm). Such lovely pressies! Have a great weekend :)

  22. So SUPER jealous of that sailboat thats amazing!

  23. You have been a very lucky lady Scarlett! What an exciting bunch of parcels and so many goodies!

    The package from Vix is priceless, the compact is beautiful!

    I love the squirrel salt and pepper pots, they are adorable!

    If I were you I'd be entering as many gveaways as possible because it looks like your luck is in! Enjoy all you new lovelies! xxx

  24. aawww what lovely goodies i bet you felt like it was your birthday and christmas all rolled into one ;-)) I love the compact that is truely beautiful. And those squirrel salt and pepper pots how cute are those ;-)) Enjoy all your lovely goodies and your weekend, dee xx

  25. Blimey! You've had a good week! Some lovely things there, you lucky thing.
    Have a good weekend, hope you are car booting tomorrow.

  26. Wow Scarlett all those goodies are amazing you lucky girl!

  27. We love you Scarlett and you deserve all these fabulous treats! x

  28. Congratulations on all your wins! Em x


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