Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Its a Jumble out there

Another weekend another Jumble - I'm being spoilt!  This last jumble sale however was a bit more hairy than the previous and to be honest there were a few times I wondered if I was going to get out of the village hall intact.  For some reason this last weekend EVERYONE decided to descend on the jumble sale. I decided to get there 40 minutes early and get a car parking spot. I took a magazine to read in the car while awaiting the doors to open. Ten minutes in however I got a bit twitchy seeing ladies carrying empty industrial size shopping bags to the church door and forming a half decent queue with half an hour still to go.  I'm afraid to say they got the better of me and I too joined the queue clutching my 30p entry fee (in 5ps as I hate them).

For 30 minutes I had to listen to a mother, daughter and son-in-law behind me tell stupid jokes, son in law trying to impress mum in law at every punch line and daughter then announcing loudly to the queue "Does anyone want to adopt another daughter"....we all ignored her and our thoughts were answered by son in law who quipped "Not wearing that stinking jumper they don't".

By the time I got in the hall I was ready to throw a sharpened elbow into one or all the family's ribs in the clothes table rummage.

It was mayhem inside the hall, three buggies where taken in leaving very little space for anyone to get by, there was plenty of tutting and huffing at the poor harassed mums.  I got to the clothes tables and starting pulling clothes out, checking labels and moving them on.  You regular jumblers will know about the shoulder ache you get from pulling clothes for the mountain on the table.  Its like a production line of ladies sorting through clothes, like the squirrels in Willy Wonkers Chocolate Factory.  All dud clothes were tossed to the end of the table (or on the floor), the two elderly ladies behind the monster mound of clothes were trying their best to hold the pile on the table for fear they may get flattened by last seasons primark offerings.

I picked up a whole bundle of high street offerings for my ebay, there was however very little vintage to be had. I did pick up one beautiful dress though:

Isn't it a beaut!  I love the 40s styling to it (label however hints to this being a 70s dress).  Just perfect with a bit of red lippy and victory rolls. Alas being a curvy chic I have no chance of getting into this dress. The boobage would be a bit much!  So its going to hung on my wardrobe to make me happy....and maybe give me a kick up the bum to stop eating sneaky 3pm office chocolate!

At this jumble sale they also have a policy of pulling out all the better dresses and tops, putting them on a clothes rail. There is one old dear who is the ''gaurdian of the rail" and my god she's a tough cookie to crack. She wont let anything go from that rail for less than £2.  She gets tuts but I love her death glare she gives to anyone who dares challenge her pricing. I did not purchase off her rail this week, although  she did give it a good go and trying to flog me a manky old rain coat circa 1985.

The bric a brac stall is a bugbear.  Its set up like a fortress, the two ladies who run the stall box themselves in between the tables. There are two across the back of the hall which they display all the goods, chairs stacked either side so no one can get to the back tables and then they have two tables in the front with the rubbish no one wants to look at.  You then have to try and get one of the ladies attention to ask to see an item on the back row. Heaven forbid you forget your glasses, you'd have no chance at seeing what was for sale.  The table is also about 4 people deep so I had to fight through and the only thing I fancied was this little set:

It came in at a rather expensive £1.50! 

I also liked the look of these hankies:

Yes it was the packaging that sold it to me. Again those bric a brac ladies held it to ransom for £1!

So with my two bags full of ebay clothes I only came away with 3 bits for myself!

Talking of shopping bags, one funny thing happened.  I had my two shopping bags tucked under my arm while sorting through the clothes table, on payment of the items I had picked I went to grab my bags from under my arm only to find them both missing.  Looking along the row I then spy two women opening up my bags and stashing their clothes purchases in them!!  I caught them mind stash and told them they were my bags and could I please have them back....well if looks could kill!  I stood my ground and after a bit of eye to eye contact they knew their game was up and handed me back my bags - blooming cheek! ;o)

Roll on the next jumble I say!

P.s Ive received two wonderful parcels this week from beautiful bloggers so will be showing my goodies at the end of the week, and of course there is also my boot sales buys to make a late appearance this week. x


  1. that dress is STUNNING! I'm in love.


  2. Blimey - it really is Welcome to the Jumble! I had no idea it was so cut-throat! Oh that dress is wonderful - it would be absolutely divine to wear to a party. Bless you for your fearless frontline reporting- keep your elbows sharp! xxx

  3. hell, it sounds scary competing with those other ebay sellers - and they'll certainly know you mean business when it comes to not pinching your bags again :) x

  4. It's quality, not quantity this time. I'm in love with that dress, but I'd have to go on a months starvation diet to do it justice!

  5. What a beautiful dress - love the colour!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. Wow, you guys accross the world really do get bargains! You would be pretty lucky to pick up much at the prices you mentioned here! The dress is gorgeous. I would be hanging it in my wardrobe too (I have a few I can't part with even though they don't fit).

  7. I love and adore that dress Scarlett, if it ever needs a new home...you know where to send it! Ha-ha!
    Your new blog design is very cool and fancy btw, until I saw a photo of you I imagined that you'd look just like the girl in it x

    p.s. you're just as gorgeous, if not more so x

  8. That dress is stunning! That's why I'm not a fan of crowds people are just really annoying.

    That table set is really sweet too!


  9. I want that dress too LOVE IT lol Cant wait to see it on you ...You can dooo It!!
    I hate crowds like the jumble so I wouldnt go.Love what you found tho.
    I do hope one of the blogger parcels was mine if its not I dont know where it is and Ill be so disappinted if its lost xxx

  10. Some of those jumbles can be ridiculously violent. There's one I avoid having actually been punched because I was holding something a skanky old cow decided she needed more than me.
    That dress is lovely, I adore the sleeve detail and yes, even if you can't get into it it's a lovely thing to admire. xxx

  11. That is a gorgeous dress!

    Victoria xxx

  12. Ohh the dress, the dress! (to rhyme with 'The belllls, the bellllls!') It's just gorgeous - what a find!! Can definitely see it looking beautiful with victory rolls or the beautiful Veronica Lake-type set waves. Divine. Hankies!! I've been a hanky-pankying just recently :-) Those are gorgeous and I love the box!

    Jem xXx

  13. What fun, it sounds like you are lucky you survived....at least the bad jokes LOL


  14. What a stunning dress, I love that colour. I know what you mean about the boobage too, as I have the same problem!

  15. That dress you found yourself is beautiful!
    I also like the brush set & hankies.

  16. Damn! Talk about rumble in the Bronx,lol
    Them darn grannies are lethal, stealing your bags. I onced walked out with xtra crap clothes in my bag.
    40's dress is gorgeous,color is so beautiful or the Autumn. I better see you prostituting yourself in that gown. I have a similar vanity brush and mirror the color is a little more turquoise than yours. adorable hankies, I need some with my name sew in.

  17. Blimey, Scarlett, that jumble sounds hellish. Glad you survived to tell the tale(s) and love the dress. xx

  18. That dress is beeeyeutiful! Curse those pesky boobs!

  19. Cool dress and dressing table set - I can't wait to hunt out a dressing table set (when I finally get a dressing table!).
    I haven't been to a jumble sale in AGES - we don't really have them around here any more!

  20. That orange dress is AMAZING! What a perfect fall item! =)


  21. I really enjoyed reading your post, it reminded me of when I went to my first and only jumble sale here. I wasn't prepared at all for how much of a struggle it would be to even get to the tables to view half the items :P
    I like the pretty blue brush set you bought for £1.50, Bargain!

  22. Oh dear! i'm sooo glad you came out alive! and so very very glad that you got back your shopping bags(those ladies are bloomin' cheeky indeed) sounds like more of a battlefield than a jumble sale! hehehe but i do love the dress, so gorgeous! and yes i have to say from all of your previous buys, those prices are higher! the brush set is so cute, love the color and the hankies are just lovely! i agree that the packaging is just so tempting! how lucky you are to have recieved goodies from your blogger friends, cant wait to see what the parcels are! xx susan

  23. oh how I chuckled at your description of a jumble sale....I was immediately transported back to being about ten and going to them in the summer holidays with my grandma (I do not have the bargain hunting gene, so it was much endure by moi!)

    Love the dress's cut and colour....and love the brush set, I've been longing for an antique or antique esque brush set after watching one too many period dramas, so I am positively green with envy!

  24. The cheek of those women!! I'd be fuming!

    I love the little dressing table set you picked up. Lovely colour and design! I think £1.50 was a steal!

    I wish there was a church jumble sale around here! xxx

  25. Wow, loving the new look blog Scarlett so cool! I hate waiting in lines, so boring but I think it was worth the wait, the dress is gorgeous!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  26. That dress is stunning - what a fabulous jumble find.


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