Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sunday Finds

Hello again my lovelies. How was every one's weekend?  Mine was a bit of a mixed bag. I had high expectations of bargain successes when I saw another jumble advertised in the paper for Saturday. I turned up (along with about 30 other people) to find that the hall was closed up and not a peep of jumble anywhere.  I did think it was a bit off doing this as a couple of frail ladies with walking frames had set out from their homes and walked all the way to the hall expecting a bit of bargain hunting and a cup of tea, they looked as disappointed as I did.

So it was up to the boot sale today to make up for Saturday. The sun was out and so were the cars of sellers but alas it was the same old rubbish from the last few weeks.  I only picked up a few bits so thought I'd show you them in with my buys from last week too.

So here's the booty:

 Stratton compact complete with original compact pouch - £2. The seller also had this compact:

 which she gave for for free when I said I collected them - bonus!

 I found this rather unusual loose powder compact in a pile of junk on a stall. It still has original powder inside so needs a bit of a clean up but it was 30p!! One of the cheapest I've found (except for the free one above).

Now for something that always finds me...

 ...vintage playing cards! I cant seem to stop buying them, my reasoning is that I will do something crafty with them in the future.

Look how great these vintage cars cards are. 

 I also found this vintage 'Counties of England' game. The pack seems to be all the southern counties and my nearest town in the pack being Reading.

And while showing card games - hows about happy families flower style!  Full of beautiful illustrations, however not sure the males in my household will be queueing up to play it.  All the card packs were 50p each and not all from the same seller, so the cards are certainly following me.

I rarely find smellies at my local boot sales, if i do they tend to be half used and crusty round the edges, but this little set was brand spanking new:

 Ideal travel size for throwing in a bag for a weekend away and at 50p it would have been rude not to buy this little set.

Now for a bit of glass:

 Lovely large glass bonbon dish.  Was covered in muck when I picked it out of the box but its cleaned up a treat.  Most impressed with this one and ideal for the Christmas sweet treats (yes I did just mention the 'C' word!).

While we are on the theme of edibles, hows about this vintage styled cheese dish:
I don't eat cheese myself (cant stand the taste of it) but live with a household of cheese eaters so this will be used over the festive buffet season.

Now a rockabilly girl loves her jeans and a belt is the finishing touch so I love this:

 Dragonfly belt buckle.  A complete bargain at 50p.

I also have an eye for the pretty little things:
 Vintage engraved pill pot.  I love the detail around the edge and on the base:

I found it on a rather antique looking stall which looked expensive so I was very surprised when they said they wanted 50p for it.

And for a bit of fun, I cant resist novelty plasters. Yes I am the person who will have a hello kitty plaster on her finger after a paper cut.  So I love these cowboy plasters:

 Yee haa! And yes they really are Texas size ;o).  The seller bought them back from America on her last holiday but never got round to using them. I know this to be a fact as when I got home and pulled the plasters out looking for the free cowboy toy....
....I found $6 in the bottom of the tin!  If you are interested the free toy was a miniature cowboy hat that had "choking hazard" written all over it ;o)

So that two weeks of boot sale finds, how about a bit of:

Witnessed at a Boot Sale

A stall full of manky soft toys all of which had their own cardboard label around their neck with their name on. As much as I felt sorry for Harold the balding orange monkey, and Randolf the felt tip pen marked horse, I was not going to pay £1 to put them out of their misery.

A stall full of Playboy merchandise manned by a rather orange 40 year old wearing a pink velor tracksuit with 'BABE' printed across her arse. I hate to say it but her stall was one of the most popular there.

Woman smoking a cigarette picks up a pair of shoes from a stall:
Buyer: "How much for these shoes"
Seller :"Fifty, they are new and come with their box"
Buyer: "50p?"
Seller: "err no £50, they are designer"
Buyer :"Who makes them then, the bloody queen?"
Seller: "No, they are by Irregular Choice"
Buyer: "Should be called "Bloody rip off choice!"

That's enough from me for today, well done if you got all the way to the end of this massive post!

Big love to you all

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  1. Those compacts are beautiful Scarlett, all three are brilliant finds - and bargainous, but that goes without saying with you and your amazing laser bargain spotting eyes :-P

    Careful with the glass jars, buy one thing and before you know it you'll be buying every one you see :-S

    'Rip off choice!' Lol. I do like Irregular Choice shoes but I wouldn't pay £50 for a second hand pair, madness!

    Jem xXx

  2. oh the compacts are so beautiful!!!and also the dragonfly buckle!!! i absolutely love dragonflies!!!

  3. I love the second and third compact - i always love the non circular ones more for some odd reason. I bet that square one comes up marvellous with a good clean x

  4. I am loving the cheese tin and bon bon dish so lovely you really do have an eye for a bargin. The dragonfly buckle looks gorgeous too! Way to go with glamming up a pair of jeans.

    What a sad state of affairs if playboy gubbins is the main attraction at a car boot! lol.

    MBB x

  5. The waterlily(??) flower on the playing cards is like a detail in a painting my dad's got - its a sort of jungle scene, and creeps me out no end, but I still like it.

    Gorgeous compacts - have you now got enough for a museum? And I used to really want a pillbox when I was little - daren't start collecting those or it could get out of hand ;) x

  6. Scarletita,
    I love your shiny compacts,especially the usual beautiful compact. I love it when sellers give me free things. I saw some rusty old compacts seller wanted £5. you know I said Nahh you allright,lol
    I am drooling over your cheese dish, I am a cheese addict myself.
    more playing cards ooohh we should have a playing card date. I can read the future with playing cards too. I adore pill pots! since I am addict like Elvis was.oooh some mula, cute cowboy bandages

  7. What lovely finds! I love vintage playing cards as well! Those happy family ones are darling! I love your 'overheard' conversations- so funny! (Oh how I detest those tracksuits with anything written on the bottom!)

  8. great finds! I founda compact too and instantly thought of you!!!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  9. The compacts are lovely and I really like the glass jar. I went to my local boot sale this morning and it was packed! Didn't see any glass jars but got a few other bits that are now in the dishwasher!
    I like your overheard bits, I am going to start keeping my ears open!
    Well done on your haul.

  10. I hate turning up for things which don't end up happening, it infuriates me more than it should.
    At least you found some beauties at the boot sale, and jealousy will get you nowhere (I know you really want a 'babe' velour suit).
    Who takes more than 20-30 quid to a boot sale? I want change from a tenner.
    I think your bumper week of parcels is still something to be proud of, that was exceptional blog love!

  11. Tante belle cose vintage!Baci,Rosetta

  12. You've been very busy shopping! just love the cheese dome :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  13. Love the cheese dish and sweetie jar. How can you not like cheese, it's sooooo tasty! x

  14. mwuahahahaha on the bloody rip off choice lady! never seem to get enough of your witnessed at boot sale, always make me laugh! sorry the jumble sale was a disappointment, Scarlett but you seem to have bought lots of lovely items as usual, always loveee them all! you even got a 2nd compact for free, all of them are stunning! i've never seen a pill pot before and if i had a cute pot for pills like that, i might be more dilligent taking pills hahaha, lovely playing got so many collection of everything now..loving the cheese dish and the vintage smellies! cant wait to see what else you buy next time, scarlett! xx susan

  15. I love the compacts, my Mum has a pretty one which I only just remembered about the other day. She won't let me have it though. Boo, hiss.

    You get an awful lot of lovely things from your boot sales, ours tend to just be general tutt!!!

  16. Those compacts were just waiting for you, aren't they gorgeous?
    Had to laugh at the orange woman in the BABE tracksuit, it sounds like most of the people at our boot sales, no wonder they think the stuff I like is weird.
    The cheese dome is fab, can't believ you don't like cheese! Madness! xxx

  17. You always manage to find the pretty compacts! I have yet to be given a free item at a boot sale or jumble.. although I was offered a free handful of conkers the last time I went into a charity shop!

    The belt buckle is beautiful, very art nouveau!

    I have been after a decorative glass bonbon jar for a while to put my beaded necklaces in on my dresser. That one is a beauty. Nobody touches dirty glass items but all they need a little bit of elbow grease and they look brand new!

    I can't stand orange faced slappers haha! I bet she thought she was the cream of the crop but in reality all those men crowding her stall were eyeing the naughties on her table!

    The irregular choice story was great! xxx

  18. Don't like cheese? Can we still be friends?! Aah, well, all the more for me. Probably how you maintain your Rockabilly babe figure too.

    Lovely finds, especially like the 30p contact. And yes, how DO you find so many lovely playing cards? Not sure I've ever seen any!

  19. Wow, what a great day out and you are so lucky to snaffle all those beautiful compacts!! Isn't it funny how we sometimes find things all at once like all the card sets you found? I love playing cards and your finds are amazing:) xo

  20. You do find the prettiest compacts! Love the pill boxes also. OK I must say the Texas cowboy bandages cracked me up! Love there was $$ in there. You could buy something at the thrifts in the USA now!! hugs to you, Linda

  21. All lovely, but those flower cards most especially so.

  22. You ae the compact queen I swear.I wish we had as many may have to fly over just to scrounge some up lol.
    Love the cards I buy them too but dont find any as nice as yours and the cowboy tin I love that and what a bargain inside too wonder if they remember about that money later?

  23. You got some amazing finds! I love the compacts and that cowboy bandaids container is so cute, score on the $6!

    E :)

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Love the Vintage Car cards - such an elegant era!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  26. Love the glass bonbon dish and the cheese dish!

  27. oh my....your posts dont half make me giggle! Lovely finds this weekend, and I'm pretty sure that Irregular Choice dont sell for *that* much more in the shops, so why the seller thought she'd get £50 for them at a jumble is beyond me!! She should have just stuck them on ebay!

    I'm hoping to flog my own stuff at a carboot at the weekend, so if I do and spot any unusualness, I shall blog it for you to giggle in return! ;p

  28. Some lovely finds, but I’d be bagging the dragonfly belt buckle to go with MY collection!

  29. Lovey finds especialy the compacts. I have to say also that i love your new blogger header ;-)) Have a great week, dee xx

  30. You sure bought some lovely items :) I like the flower cards, and the glass bon-bon dish will be just perfect for Christmas sweets! I love the cowboy plasters, I think they are adorable (bonus finding the $'s in it as well). I really enjoy reading the 'Witnessed at a boot sale' bits..they make my day :)

  31. Ohh so many great finds. Those playing cards are fantastic..what a great collection to have. x

  32. the cowboy bandages are neat! would love to have some of those!

  33. witnessing your Playboy bunny must have been hard not to laugh out loud.....i LOVE YOUR TIN WITH A SURPRISE!

  34. Love the compacts and the vintage cards, heavens to Betsy I love it all! x


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