Sunday, 7 August 2011

That time again

Wow where did last week go?  I think someone has pressed the fast forward button on my life as its time is just whizzing by recently.

So it came to my favourite morning of the week - the Sunday boot sale. Even with threatened rain the sellers are buyers were out in force, there was handbags at dawn over some choice Monsoon and Per Una clothing and there was plenty of bitching to be heard about those dreadful people who who have the cheek to haggle *hangs head in shame*

So less chat more pictures, here are my finds today:

Stratton compact, its been too long since I've found an addition to the collection - £1 :o)

 Vintage vanity case...

....still with original tags!  Love it.  It looks orange in the pics but is actually a hot red colour, just up my street and would you believe that the seller only wanted 50p for it! Can I hear an AMEN!

Brand new Benefit make-up bag - 50p

Cath Kidston Royal Wedding tote - brand new with its tags...50p :o))

And I finally found something I've been after for ages:

 Bell jars/dome jars/cloches - call them what you want but I've been hankering after a couple of these bad boys for ages. My wait paid off and I found myself 2 vintage beauties! I now need to find myself some Victorian curiosities to display in them, but until then Bambi will have to do:

I had been eyeing up a bell jar in Laura Ashley but didn't want to pay the big bucks, so I  couldn't believe my luck at getting these for £2 each :o)

Hows about a little:

Witnessed at a Boot Sale

First off my pet hate which is the tombola stall where by the owner of  tat attaches a raffle ticket to each crappy item and you have to pay £1 to try and win the tat you didn't even want - not surprising these stall are never very busy. Today however the 'raffle' stall has been replaced by a 'Lucky Dip' stall whereby the crap was wrapped in tissue paper and for 50p some 'lucky ducky' can get something they never knew they wanted!

A woman asking a stallholder how big the rug was she was selling. The seller advised she thought it was over 5ft in length as that was how tall she was. The seller then unrolled the rug and proceeded to lie across it to demonstrate the length....hmmm might have been easier to just hold it up maybe?

Buyer: "How much for the frame love?"
Seller: "I'm looking for £10 for it"
Buyer: "A tenner!?! Its from Ikea though"
Seller "yeah I know but its brand new"
Buyer: "I could buy it there and have a gut full of meatballs for less than that!"
The frame unsurprisingly remained unsold.

Scarlett x

P.s I start back at work on Tuesday, eek! I'm nervous as hell! So my commenting might be a bit behind this week but i will be catching up on all your blogs. Also a huge hello to my newer followers :o)

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  1. Don't be nervous about returning to work... you're be fabulous with your new MAC made up face!

    Victoria xx

  2. I think Bambi suits being popped under a cloche! He'll keep the space occupied nicely until you find the perfect thing :-) Love the gorgeous Stratton compact and vintage vanity case - super thrifty finds!

    Jem xXx

    P.S Huge good luck for your first day back. Just breathe and everything will be fine!

  3. love the belljars, i am searching for some too. i think the bambi looks perfect in it, but i hope she can breathe.... xx good luck with work. x

  4. Love the new addition to the collection...such a pretty compact. I also think Bambi looks amazing under that vintage cloche! Oh back to work, it will be OK but hard to do I'm sure.

  5. Love that Stratton - the colour is gorgeous, plus that vanity case was a jolly good find!

  6. I'm completely drooling over that Cath Kidston bag, it's stunning x x x

  7. You sure can get an 'Amen' from me! The best things do come for those who wait, well done on snaffling the bell jars for a more than reasonable £2!
    I love the sellers who think they can charge pretty much full price for something 'new'. And I just don'r get this Per Una fascination. The M&S in town is an Outlet which sells everything for half price or less. Go into any charity shop in town and Per Una stuff is all over a tenner, despite the fact it's hideous, ill-fitting, dry-clean only and probably cost someone £3 last week from M&S.
    Good luck with the return to work, I bet your colleagues have missed you. Life often becomes more organised when you return to work and you value free time so much more. Let us know how it goes. Lucy x

  8. A vanity case with tags for 50 pence? Somewhere to store all your Mac stuff!

  9. So jealous of those fabulous cloches! Bambi looks totally at home under glass.

    Once again, totally enjoyed the shared scenes from the boot sale.

  10. Nothing to be nervous about - you will go out into the world with the confidence of someone who owns that amazing red case. It's gorgeous.

  11. A-freaking- men I have compact and vanity bag envy now lol
    Please tell me your parcel I sent ages ago arrived?I hope its not been lost or stolen Id be so sad.

  12. I love that little case so cheap and the dome thingos are awesome I want some!

    E :)

  13. My gosh what a sweet compact. I AM TOTALLY Head over heels over that vanity case! Had I found it I would take it too bed with me... Okay well maybe I wouldn't go that far.. but close anyways!

  14. Ameen to that gorgeous red vanity case! loving the cloches too!! u lucky girl to get them in pair! awwww CK bag of will and Kate brand new for 50p???? envious! i absolutely love the blue color of that compact, yay another lovely addition to ur huge collection! oooohhh ur going back to work already?? how time flies! always always loveeeee ur witnessed at bootsale! umm not sure i want to try the lucky dip nor do i want to pay a tenner for a frame and the rug lady cracks me up hahahahaha

    xx susan

  15. Love all of it! The bell jars are especially amazing! You could change the look of any room by just changing what's beneath the jars. I'm adding those to my thrifting wish list. The vanity case is also to die for! You've got such great taste!

  16. You always do so well! and you are so lucky to have a boot sale every Sunday! There are various ones here, but they work out to be about one a month if I am lucky!
    Good luck for your first day'll be fine!

  17. Great finds as ever - Banmbi looks very happy under his new cover :)

    Good luck for back to work xxx

  18. Eeeeek! Vintage bell jars!!!! Me and you must have similar brains as I've been looking for some for an age! They are always so expensive when bought new and even the good ones on eBay go for quite a bit! You were soooo lucky to get them for £2 each!! *green eye'd monster here!) :p

    I love the thought of finding something really bizarre and storing it under one of them.. like a mad professor in his or her lab! Muahahahaha!

    The red vanity case looks perfect!

    I love that compact - so very shabby chic!

    Your Bambi is beautiful! xxx

  19. You've done amazingly well this weekend Scarlett. I love all your buys especially the vanity case (what a bargain at 50p!!) and those bell jars. Good luck for tomorrow - I'm sure it'll all go well. I bet your colleagues will be pleased to have you back.

  20. As ever these are amazing buys lady.
    Good luck with work.
    I am sure it will be fine.

  21. A big amen on the vanity case, and a *sigh* over the bell jars, they're just gorge! I hope all goes smoothly for you back at work Scarlett, and am sending a big ole hug, Em x

  22. Ha ha ha! It's like when you go into the thrift store and they have $20 on a pair of Target shorts, I can get them cheaper than that in Target brand new.
    Love the bell jars, I have never seen tall ones like that before, perfect for little bambi.

  23. Oh good luck for tomorrow honey, see it as exciting! Think of the adult conversation. Excellent score with the vanity case and the bell jar thingies too - some people don't seem to want to make money!

    My blog commenting and posting has really taken a dive the last couple of weeks, must get my arse in gear!

  24. Thanks Scarlett! Yes, it really is good news - such a huge weight off our shoulders!

  25. Great buys, adore the vanity case and bell jars, Laura Ashley have some bell jars in their sale for about £30, hats off to you!! Hope tomorrow goes well for you, will be thinking of you :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  26. Good luck with going back to work - I'm sure you'll soon be back in the swing of it, and cross my fingers. Love the cloches, the compact, the vanity and best of all the overheard nonsense! - you are so good at finding these gems amidst all the junk! Best wishes xxxx

  27. Ooh, gorgeous finds - as always. I do love your 'Witnessed at a Boot Sale' feature, it always makes me smile. Hope all goes well on your return to work.

  28. Scarlett I think we have similar tastes indeed! The compact is beautiful, you know my love and admiration for Stratton! I have vowed to not start a collection of compacts, though I know I will probably be tempted to do so.
    The Benefit make-up bag is a bargain! I paid £1.50 for mine a few months back in a charity shop and I haven’t looked back. And it will be perfect for storing your new make-up in xxx

  29. Gorge vanity case! Love the one about the seller lying on the rug - I totally use my height to measure things too tho! Going by the logic that I'm nearly 6ft tall, I think of every 'feet' measurement in 6's, haha daft :)

  30. what great the compact and the beauty case.I have a blue one like

  31. 50p for the vanity case! Amen to that! Oh, and the meatball comment made me laugh out loud! Good luck at work tomorrow!

  32. Those jars are fabulous! I don't get Per Una either, hideous stuff. I daren't cut through M&S when they have their monthly Per Una clearance day or you'll get mown down by a disability scooter driven by a crazed granny with her eye set on an asymmetric linen skirt.
    Good luck with the first day back! x

  33. Hahaha, I'm with the buyer on that Ikea frame- you can get frames there for way cheaper than 10 each! (And delicious meatballs!)

    It looks like you found some great stuff this week, and for awesome prices! I love that vanity case!

  34. Great junk amor, love the blue compact ofcourse.
    I been seeing some plates with that design.
    no boot sale for on Sunday as it was cancelled.
    those bambis look good in their new casa. frame story is hilarious. I love vanity cases, I only seen old ones that have no hope. oooh Benifit bags are the best, especially new.
    hope your keeping well with all the riots amor.

  35. Some truly amazing buys. 50p for the vanity case , crazy! I think i'm car booting in the wrong area. I hope your first day back at work went smoothly.

  36. Ooo what a lovely compact for your collection! I love the design! Oh and I'm so jealous of the bell jars! I am after storage jars for my under the sink cupboard, but no luck yet! x

  37. Aww love the jars! HOpe first day back went OK, Just catching up after my hols! xx


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