Monday, 30 May 2011

Bank Holiday Booty

Got to love a bank holiday when we get the pleasure of the boot sales being on Sunday and Monday, although the rain scuppered the boot sale this morning with a bit of a poor turn out but there was still the die-hard treasure hunters like myself out rummaging through the damp boxes!

So time to share my boot sale bargains.

One stall had a carrier bag with decks of playing cards spilling out. I had a sort through and found some amazing vintage packs:

 I love on this pack it tells you to care for your cards by washing them with cold water and a soapy cloth!

 The seller only wanted 50p a pack for the cards - bargain!

 Old cake tins - 20p for the pair.

Brand new Laura Ashley wall jotter - 50p.

 Vintage Stratton compact (another one for my collection). This came with its original pouch as well.  The seller was very sweet and gave me this for £1!

Another little vintage poodle figure - 20p.  Bought as a friend for a previous boot sale buy:

 I spotted a pile of dirty plates in a box under a stall.  I knew the design as soon as I saw them:

Deco print Meakin plates in 'Royal Marigold'.  I bagged dinner plates, side plates, cake plates and saucers and paid £1.50 for the lot!

 Little lined wicker basket by L'Occitane for the Chelsea flower show - 50p.

 Vintage fabrics by Laura Ashley, Titley & Marr and the expensive Colefax & Fowler. These were £1 a bundle, what a steal!

Vintage 'flower power' double sheet and two pillowcases - £2.

Now for my favourite boot sale buy this weekend.....

Replica 1950s table top jukebox!! This was still in its original box and had never been used.  As a rockabilly gal I've always dreamed of owning a full size vintage jukebox, if I ever win the lottery that is what I would love to buy, so seeing this little beauty on the stall my eyes popped out of my head!

As well as looking pretty its a radio and cassette player combined with revolving music dials and lights!  The seller saw how thrilled I was with this jukebox and let me have it for £5!!! Money was in his hand like lightning! I've since looked it up on eBay and the last one sold was for display purposes only, it went for over £95.  My one is as fresh as the day it was made.  Now seeing that I don't own any cassettes I need to start up a little rock n roll cassette hunt, the first of my collection was found on the next stall:

Elvis on Stage :o)  It was obviously a sign from the king that I was meant to have that jukebox lol.  The other bonus is that cassette tapes are cheap - this one was 20p :o)

Now for our weekly treat...

Witnessed at a boot sale

 It just happens that the shop mobility lady I used to see isn't the only person taking their parrot for a walk round the boot sale...

This lady took her Macaw bargain hunting. Although every time I crossed them on the boot sale lines the parrot was preening - not very good for spotting the treasure!  It does look headless in this picture but I assure you the parrot did come complete with head and beady eyes.  I'm not sure the stall holder behind is too impressed though!

Fruit and vegetable stall:
Lady: "Could I get a bag of those tomatoes please"
Veg man " Sure love, you do know they make your horny"
Lady " I thought that was asparagus?"
Veg man "Wow whatever floats your boat sweetheart" cue seedy grin and wink from veg man, lady snatching her tomatoes and me shuddering.

Hope you have all had a fabulous long weekend!

Scarlett x

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Friday, 27 May 2011

Got my craft on...

So today armed with my glue gun and drill I got my craft on!  I have been very productive...

First of all I did a bit on my Emily Peacock cross stitch 'HUG' design which I started a few days ago:

Hoping to keep momentum up on this and not lose my cross-stich mojo.

I made some rockabilly inspired jewellery:

 Love scroll earrings

 Red rose cameo pendant

 Sugar skull earrings

 Cross pistol and skull ring (excuse my dry 30 year old hands!)

 And as I love skull designs and prints - I made a quick skull cameo brooch too.

I also have so many tea pots knocking about in my house that I decided to drill a hole in the bottom of two of them and made them into plant pots:

I might do a couple of flower tea cups too :o)

I also took a quick trip to Asda and got randomly shouted at by a 40 year old man who pushed in front of me in the queue.  He went off at me saying 'how was I supposed to know you were in the queue' etc, everyone was looking so I took the mummy stance and said " Stop shouting you are showing yourself up"  lol, he couldn't respond to that! Shouting man 0 Scarlett 1!

Hope you all have a fabulous bank holiday weekend

Scarlett x

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Hitting the charity shops!

Thought it was time to share my charity shop finds for the week. The problem with going food shopping here is that both supermarkets are next to two charity shops so regardless of which one I choose to go to I always have to pop in to a CS and take a look.  Bonus this week was one of them was having a half price clothes, shoes and bric a brac sale :o)

So here are my newbies:

1960s playing cards - loving the florals!  These were 45p.

Two cross stitch kits, loving the blue bird one! They were 50p for the 'yesterdays' one and £1 for the bluebird one!

Next I spied a Mayfair Laundry bag hidden under a pile of scarves:

And inside was a lovely embroidered table cloth and napkins:
Least I know these are dry cleaned!  The whole set cost £1 - bargain!

I saw a familiar design of tacky kitschness on the shelf:

Terribly cheesy saying again. Does he remind you of one of my previous buys:

I've reunited them!  He was only 49p so thought I'd so my duty and bring him home for bambi.

Next one for you hippy chicks:

Orange kaftan: o)  This was on half price offer and I was strangely drawn to it, for £2.50 why not!

I then had a rummage on the sale rail and found this for the colder months:
I love the 40s vintage vibe to it, ideal when I'm dressed in my more demure vintage outfits. Its made by Precis Petite and they retail for £129.  I got this one for £1 :o))

This magnet sums up my household as I'm always on and off a diet!

Trusty M&S black and white flats.  Please excuse the sticker remains inside the shoes!  These are pristine, not a mark on the soles which means I'm going to have to break them in!  Bargain for £2.

Vintage knitting and crochet booklets.  The bazaar one is amazing, full of knitted items I don't know how I have been able to live without!  These will be shown a bit in another post I feel!  So what is the item I most need in my life....
A knitted pineapple tea cosy of course!! So who wants to knit me one ;o)

I also came away with 2 bags full of men's designer shirts which were £1.50 each and a few Warehouse ladies tops for £1.70 each so hoping to make my eBay millions with these at some point...

Overheard in a Charity Shop

While I saw rifling through the sale rail two of the charity shop workers were standing beside me having a conversation about another member of staff. These two consisted of a man in his 50s who was extremely camp and an old lady in her 70s.
Man: "Vera was caught out the other day"
Lady "I know I heard"
Man "Well who does she think she is asking for all the Delia cookbooks to be put aside for her"
Lady "Yes I know, by law we have to put everything donated on the shelves for sale"
Man "Indeed, you should have seen the look she gave me when I rung that's customers Delia book through the till!"
Lady "Yes I can imagine"
Man "Bloody cheek, well I certainly wont be going to hers for a dinner party, by the looks of it she needs all the help she can get!"

Have a Fabulous day!

Scarlett x

Monday, 23 May 2011

Car Boot booty

After the mammoth haul at the jumbles I thought my luck may have run out for the boot sale on Sunday but oh no, I got myself some fabulous bits. The sellers must have known I was going to be there as these are all so me!  So less chat and more pictures here's the booty:

Vintage powder compact and matching lipstick holder (I rarely find compacts at the booty so thrilled to bits!). I bought this one and the one below on the same stall:

 This is a Yardley compact and still has the original powder inside. The seller wanted £3.50 each but with my haggle hat on I got both for £5 :o))  So pleased to be able to add these to my compact collection.

 Kitsch-tastic retro flamenco coasters. I was so excited when I saw them but played it cool when asking the price and got the set for £1.

 And the kitsch doesn't stop - oh no. Little 1950s Bambi all dressed up for a night on the tiles with his polka dot bow tie. This was from a collectors stall (boo hiss) but was only £1 so more than happy with that.  He joins my Bambi collection along with this beauty:

 This old but very cute fellow has a bit of a bad glue habit looking at his feet but hey who can resist those big old eyelashes.  Again another collectors stall item but managed to haggle it down to £1 :o)

While we are talking 50s kitsch check this little one out:

I have never seen a 50s elephant on my travels so was surprised to find this fella. He is obviously planning a date with the deer with his matching tie.  This one was a massive 20p!

 1970s sexy red soda syphon. I bought one of these in gold a few weeks back but for £1 I couldn't leave this one. It came with its original bulbs too.

Now what does any rockabilly chick dressed up in her pin up gal finest need for a night out?.....

A leopard print coat of course! This is knee length so I will not be channelling Shania Twain when its on.  Needs to be worn with my big ass peep toe heels and lots of attitude!  How much I hear you cry.....£3!

Now its that time of the week for:

Witnessed at a boot sale

A couple were looking at a pair of pvc thigh high boots on a stall. Mrs picks the boots up and hold them against her leg and chuckles before putting them back on the ground.
Mr: "What do you think?"
Mrs: "I'd never wear 'em out, they look like they would kill my feet"
Mr: "I think they would be alright"
Mrs: "Naaa, don't think so, bit too slutty to wear out". Mrs then walks on to look the next stall.
Mr to Seller: "How much mate?"
Seller: "£6"
Mr: "I'll take 'em"
(An insight into the male mind, draw your own conclusions... lol)

A young mum pushing a pram with a tiny baby and a 4/5 year old girl walking along side them:
Mum to girl: "What you got in ya mouth?"
Girl opens mouth to show contents
Mum: "Is that chewing gum??? Where did ya get that?"
Girls gives a cheeky grin
Mum: "Ya picked that off the floor didn't ya!!"
Girl laughs
Mum carries on on looking at the stalls and girl continues chewing the gum she picked off the floor.

And that's the lot! Bring on next weekend where we get double booty (I love bank hol Mondays!).

Have a fabulous day

Scarlett x

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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Eyes down for a jumble sale

While checking out the local paper on Friday I found two adverts for jumble sales! Those of you lovelies that have been following for a while know that jumble sales in my area are as rare as hens teeth so what a blinder to find two in one day.

So it was planned with military precision for hubby to drop me off at the first one just before 11am, I'd commando roll out of the car and get to the front queue without having to park the car. The second was at 2pm so we had time to go home, unpack the goods, have lunch and then head out for the next (you can see this was all for my pleasure and hubby went with it for a quiet life).

My plan was spot on and I managed to get some goodies at both jumble sales and added to the boot sale bounty today I've done quite well this weekend.

So here's my jumble finds:

 Kitsch vintage floral place mats - 50p. The kingsize duvet cover they are pictured on - £1 (going to a new home as was asked to look out for one).

Vintage leather sewing machine bag/case - 50p!!  I've just ordered my sewing machine so mucho pleased to have found this!

 Huge vintage floral flat sheet - 50p.

 Old sewing basket - 50p. I like the blue and pink basket but not as keen on the design so may get crafty on it.

Deco styled 50s milk jug and sugar bowl made by Picqout wear - 50p each. These sell really well on ebay, also saw some on bargain hunt (oh the joys of daytime tv!).

 Bird Feeder - 50p (Pictured in my plum tree).

Retro Winfield thermos - 50p

 Vintage souvenir table cloth - 30p

Floral Victoria & Trentham potteries ltd bowls, 6 for £1.

 Vintage tea towels.  After seeing all the crafty things to do with tea towels that Kylie has blogged about I couldn't resist buying these. They were 3 for £1. My favourite being this one:

Vintage scarves 20p each.

 Check throw which I'm going to turn into a picnic blanket once sewing machine arrives!

The next two were from the 'dress rail'. They had pulled out the better dresses in the jumble to put on a rail to charge more for! These were the only two vintage dresses at the jumble sales:

 This is an early 60s dress. The lady who took the money was actually the original owner of this dress. She  bought it in 1960 to wear to a dinner with her husband, and she only wore it once and has been hanging in her wardrobe ever since! Next is my favourite of the two:

Love the neckline and the shoulder design.  I bought both dresses for £3.50. Top dollar for the jumble sale!

I also came away with two bags full of clothes destined for ebay, would have be rude not to for 30p an item.  These jumble sales are just so addictive!

That's enough for me today. I've still got my boot sale goodies to share - you lucky lucky people ;o)

Hope you have all had a fabulous weekend!