Monday, 17 October 2011

Weekend buys

I had a great bargain hunting weekend with a jumble sale, boot sale and a tour round the charity shops, bliss!  I have however spent so much time out shopping that I haven't got around to taking pics of new new buys so thought I would share my boot sale buys from last weekend.

Enough chat, lets take a peek:

 Hand stitched lace work vintage vanity jar - 50p

 Floral table runner £1

 Vintage Windermere hair curlers complete in original box. If you want to take a peek inside:

there is only a couple left but still looks fab with all my vintage products on the bathroom shelf - £1 from an antique stall.

 Another hand stitched vintage vanity jar - this one still with powder inside (I have since cleaned it) - 50p

 Now I cant resist some kitsch big eyed deers and here is a couple of teenie ones - 20p each.

And while on kitsch hows about a 1950s donkey wearing a bow tie!  I seem to have collected a lot of animals with bow ties on. This cheeky chappy was 50p.

 Vintage handbag. I adore the deco styling to the clasp and its so dainty (which does not match me when I use it!)

 Found this in a box of crap under a table, the gold hooped girl running the stall turned her nose up at it and in turn I got it for a bargain price of 50p :o)).

How cute is this birdy bangle?  Not vintage but is got some charm, could resist for 30p.

And finally another little ornament, one in which I already own from my own childhood:

A 1956 Wade whimsies of Peg from 'Lady and The Tramp'.  I have a set of these which were given to me by my Nan so was thrilled to find another Peg at the booty.  Plus the seller only wanted 50p for her - eeeeee!!  Bargain! Guess what I saw in the charity shop window with this weekend.....

There's Peg with a £25 price tag - eek!  She is not alone either, all the whimsies in the window were marked at £25, crazy bananas!

Just time for a snippet of:

Witnessed at a Boot Sale

Lots of terrible parenting displays this weekend which were noted after hearing one stall holder scream at her 6/7 year old son to "F**K off for half an hour would you, I'm trying to sell my shit here"

Also seeing a girl of about 6 being left to man the car boot stall while her mum and boyfriend went to "get a burger, have a sit down and a fag".  I was hoping that the girl sold all their stuff for peanuts!

And finally a argument breaking out over a second hand pushchair, first lady didn't fancy paying £25 for it so was having 'a think', in the mean time another couple walk by and plonked their tot in the pushchair and start pushing it about.  They agreed to pay the £25 by which time lady 1 decided she wanted to have it.  She kicked up a stink saying she had seen in first, the couple saying they have got it as their child was in the buggy, and she was too late.  Bank notes were thrust towards the bemused seller with cries of "I had it first".  In the end the tot reigned champion and the seller took the couples money and they quickly bolted off with their son in his new chariot. Lady 1 continued to rant....

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and here's to a great week :o)

Big Love


  1. I love all the vintage jars,especially the handstiched one, as I am jar whore myself.
    I seen that cute bangle before, dont remember where or on who. could never resist cute figurines. I bet you have millions of deer families now. I am eyeing that bow donkey.£25 foo get it!!
    I need to go to your drama boot sales and such.
    should of offer that little girl pence for her items. the kids always get happy when they sell stuff. I always give them extra when I buy from kids.

  2. Love the handbag, and I'm sure you will be a proper laydee whilst toting it! Get your Peg on Ebay quick - or is £25 wildly over ambitious? Gotta love Lady and the Tramp, but that seems totally bonkers - 50p far more like it!

  3. I love the vintage jars, I bet they look gorgeous sitting on a dresser. They would be perfct for my bedroom, need to hunt some down!

  4. Love your buys - I need to come shopping with you! The car boot stories made me laugh and wince all at the same time! M x

  5. Those vintage jars are so pretty Scarlett! Great finds! Also that is one sweet little handbag! I can see you using that for sure! Hope you are having a great week! hugs, Linda

  6. I sold Peg and Scamp on Ebay only last week, £25 is wildly ambitious, it'll be in the window for years!
    Loving that cute bird bangle and the crazy cross eyed deer. x

  7. I love that birdy bangle and the Wade dog and Art Deco bag are super buys. You've certainly got that Midas touch when it comes to searching out a good bargain, Scarlett !

  8. Oh what a scene that must have created! The things people do in public! I love the hand stitched v jar...the shape is unique! Also, the handbag and bangle. You really find pretty things!
    Hugs Loretta

  9. I used to collect ornaments when I was about 7 and your picture reminded me of the Thumper I had. I think I also had Lady and we used to get smaller whimsies in Christmas crackers. You had a really lucky weekend there.
    Love from Mum

  10. Love you bootsale stories, but the language of the first stallholder - shocking!!

  11. Love the vintage jars.especially the one with it's shape.Those deers are so cute and so is mr donkey.I ove those things but never find them cheap.I just love your boot sale stories.People have no respect in front of thier kids.I see that all the time here.

  12. I think that first bowl is a Framecraft one, still selling on their site nowadays. I used to use them a lot. Have a look here, In which case you got a bargain!

  13. Great finds! I love that table runner! And the handbag is really gorgeous too!

    Have a great week!

  14. Of course, I love the Bambi's and Mr Donk in his dandy bow-tie. Gorgeous.

    But how mad is £25 for those CS littlies?! Oy vey.

  15. How do you manage to find these amazing treasures. Can i come with you next time? Love the table runner and jars.

  16. Ooo loving that table runner and the embroidered jar and not forgetting the cute bangle too!

    Ooo that bag is really cute and bet you look lovely rocking that look with it.

    Wow £25 for the big eyed little animals? Were they being really cheeky? blimey.

    MBB x

  17. Loving those vintage beauty jars, they look so pretty plus with the light on the glass i'm sure they'll shine up really well x

  18. Awe..those little deers are so cute and so is the bow tie wearing donkey. I love the vintage handbag and the birdie bangle. You sure find some great things :)

  19. Great finds - love the bag!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  20. Ahh Scarlett! You always manage to find something which makes me jealous! All the super cute big eyes animal figurines are to die for and the vanity pots are lovely!

    The push chair story made me laugh. She didn't have any right to complain, the silly fool.. you snooze you loose! xxx

  21. * The vanity jars are absolutely gorgeous.
    * The table runner is beautiful
    * Bracelet is cute
    * Purse is fabulous and fancy (Something I would never be able to get away with) *heehheeh*

    All the figurines are so sweet. I love them!

  22. I want the bag! Oh you do uncover some wonderful stuff, your weekend sounded like heaven.
    I managed just 4 charity shops, but filled 3 bags for life with clothes for myself - bliss.
    What vile parenting you witnessed, if that's how they talk in public....
    Please show us your shelves stocked with vintage packaging, please, please, please?

  23. I have not been out thrifting for over 2 I HAVE to go. tomorrow morning, for sure.

  24. Bootsales can be scary! The vintage bag is bootiful. I hate seeing vile parenting, it breaks my heart. :(

  25. great buys for sure. i have a hand stitch glass jar - and am too embarrassed to tell you how much i paid! but at least i feel like a brilliant mum now ! xx

  26. The bangle bracelet is my favorite. How do you ever find these people who are shopping where you are? Fortunately, I've never seen/heard anything like that when I'm out and about at yard sales.

  27. Super great finds! I <3 the floral Table runner, its just beautiful!
    Smiles, Carly

  28. Great finds. I saw a few little wade whimsies at the antique shops which were at a high price too, great find!

    I always have a good laugh at your car boot stories, so funny. Tam x

  29. I am loving those sweet lil does and that birdy bangle is BANGING!!!!!

  30. Oh dresser jars are what i collect..what great finds!


  31. Gorgeous vanity jars and that purse is beautiful. I always love your bootsale tales !

  32. Cute vanity jars! I love the figurines, those 25 pound ones are going to be sitting there for a long time.

  33. Oh my, you found some lovely things.
    All your little figures and jars are delightful, and the bag and bangle are lovely.
    Surely £25 is a wildly optimistic price? Mind you, you do see Wade Whimsies in "antique" shops at crazy prices, but not quite THAT crazy! xxxxx
    PS. A friend did a carboot with her 7 year old son, and had to pop off for a wee, leaving him to man the stall. He sold a picture (which she wanted a good price for, otherwise she was going to take it home) for 50p...

  34. Oh I love EVERYTHING! I would squeal like a maniac if I found those fab figurines for 50p! And that second jar is GORGEOUS and I ADORE the lovely bangle!

    Isn't poor behaviour terribly uncivilised! What hope do those poor kids have? Sigh...


  35. Love your buys, the jars are so cute!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  36. ooooh im drooling of the birdie bangles and your another collection of kitsch-tastic deers! i love the handstitched vanity jars as well as the floral table runner! the handbag is just gorgeous Scarlett! oh dear...what a terrible things to say to a child to F*&( off and leaving a child to man the stall too! and yes i do hope the child sell everything for a peanut! xx susan

  37. I love everything that you managed to find...simply gorgeous thrifting!! But I always enjoy your tales of boot fair/jumble sale madness best, and this week was just as amusing and brilliant!

  38. The sheer amount of great goodies boggles the mind. My favs are the knick knacks - the deer and pony and PEG!

  39. I love that handbag. It is really gorgeous. Love the rest of your wonderfull things to. You always seem to find the most beautifull stuff.


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