Sunday, 20 November 2011

Back to the booty

After a couple of weeks without my boot sale fix I was starting to get twitchy so it was only right that I headed off to the boot sale this morning.  I don't think I was alone in this thought as every man and his dog turned up today, it was bedlam!

Now I'm trying to be a bit more 'selective' in what I'm bringing home as I need to begin the declutterthon so we can get out house on the market, i cant say its been easy but today I was very restrained and only purchased a couple of bits:

Large silver plated candle sticks. I'm been after some of these for a while as I love big church candles and these are the perfect size for them. I bagged them for £2 the pair.
 1960's First Aid tin. This comes complete with all its original unopened contents:

I love the '1963 shops, office and railway first aid instructions' in the lid too.  Obviously there weren't many accidents where this tin was kept!  All mine for £1.

Vintage glass sweet jar - 50p

Vintage vanity jar and candle sticks - £2 the set.

Needle craft trinket jar - 20p. This was such good value that I bought the lot:

Now to get my cross stitch mojo on and make some cute chrimbo gifts with these :o)

So that's my buys, what about a little:

Witnessed at a Boot Sale:

The booty I go to is not too far from an army town so there is a large Gurkha population which visit the boot sale. The Gurkha's are amazing at haggling, i should be taking notes from them as they get things for crazy prices. Today however one family took it a bit far by pulling out a blanket and setting up a stall at the end of a row of all the items they had just bought! Not only making a profit they also got away with not paying for a pitch!

I was also informed today that a Fisher Price castle was "Vintage" as it was from 1992, lol! I may be a year older tomorrow but now feeling positively ancient! ;o)

A Polish couple inspecting a king size bedspread. They decided to unravel it and stretch it out...they did this across the whole front of the sellers stall and then proceeded to have a heated conversation with bedspread stretched out. While they conversed no one could get a look at the stall and I could see the seller getting redder and redder as people kept walking by!  The couple then decided they didn't want the bedspread after all.

Hope you have all had a fabulous weekend, my chickadees :o)

Big Love


  1. Gorgeous finds, the first aid kit is so lovely! Can't believe it has all the original pieces, too!


  2. I love the look of the 1960s first aid tin, I would have snapped it up too. Also I really do adore the glass sweet jar! Have a wonderful birthday Scarlett xxx

  3. I wondered whether you'd be getting withdrawals and suffering from the shivers at the lack of bargain hunting ;-)

    You're back in fine form though lady, those are some seriously bargainous discoveries! I can't get over the silver plated candle sticks - they are fantastic at £2 for the pair. The first aid kit must have made your heart sing! :-) Pretty keen on everything you bagged!!

    Jem xXx

    P.S - Which day is your birthday lovely? Lucy and I had been trying to puzzle it out!

  4. D'oh. Just clocked the 'a year older tomorrow'. To say my field is English I'm really not so hot at it of a Sunday afternoon with a tummy full of roast! Lol.

    Jem xXx

  5. I can see the chutch candles on those holders at Christmas. You’ve done it again with the little Framecraft pots- you do know how much they go for don’t you?

  6. I have a thing about old first aid tins, too. I think I must be a frustrated nurse! What a fab find.
    That candle stands are lovely. x

  7. Lovely candlesticks, and that first aid tin is a gem! Well done, great bargains!
    Happy birthday for tomorrow. Hope you are doing something indulgent to celebrate! xxxxx

  8. Pfft if my wee brother is old enough to have owned that 'vintage' castle new, it ain't vintage! Happy birthday for tomorrow! :)

  9. I'm glad you're back and car-booting....I'd been missing my slice of bargin madness muchly! As always everything you've found is a delight, but I must say the glass jar is probably my favourite...I do like a nice bit of glass!

    I cant believe someone setting up their own stall from stuff they've been buying....what a cheek! And yes, if 1992 is vintage, then I'm very vintage myself! I'm thinking there should be a limit to what is vintage....maybe more than twenty years old?

    Great post as always!

  10. That's an amazing first aid kit - fab find!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  11. Fab finds, church candles are perfect right now, will look great on those candle-sticks. Brilliant prices on everything, I want to see how your little trinket jars turn out, what a great idea.

    Really laughed at the Gurkhas - how very enterprising!

    There should be something in the post for you tomorrow (fingers crossed)

  12. I love that old first aid tin - i'm always surprised by how many old tins survive!

  13. Amazing finds, those trinket boxes complete with cross-stitch additions will make fabulous gifts! xx

  14. Oh those silver candle sticks are absolutely gorgeous! What a find! I'm after two tall pillar candle holders to go either side of my hearth but I can't find any that I like!

    The vanity set was such a bargain!

    The first aid kit is such a treasure, I can't believe it was untouched and only £1! xxx

  15. Amazing finds! love the vanity set jars and silver candle sticks.I am dieing I havent found a close boot sale and havent found anything at the Charity shops either.

  16. *Oh my*
    You scored some great stuff.
    I love those candle holders.
    I would have screamed and grabbed the first aid kit within seconds, I have been searching for a old metal one for months now. The one you found is amazing.

    I adore the vanity items & I HOPE we get to see the finished product of those trinket jars.

    I cannot believe the people set up a table of everything they had just purchased. (At least wait until a week later!!) *lol*

  17. Wonderful old first aid tin! Hubby had a look and said his Mum had one like that in the 60's when he was little. Brought back loads of memories for him. And I have the same pink candlesticks as those ones in the vanity set you bought - got them in an auction lot......they are really lovely.

    Fab finds Scarlett - I haven't done a boot fair for weeks but you've made me want to attend one -maybe next week.

  18. Some very good finds...........especially so late in the year!! Our bootys have all finished until the spring now!!

  19. YAY another witnessed at bootsale and bootsale treasures!! I love love the first aid case and those gorgeous candlesticks! would love to see you transform those cute needle craft trinket jars! what a cheeky thing to set up a stall after buying them there and without paying for the stall too! gosh i miss witnessed at bootsale! xx susan

  20. I've got a touch of the green-eyed monster over that first aid kit Scarlett. It's a beauty!

  21. That first aid kit is ace scarlett you lucky thing! I love what the gurkkas did I have to say, very un-english, but why not if you can get away with it!

  22. Also loving the first aid kit. What a find! I know what you mean about getting twitchy, I really need a thrifting fix stat!

  23. Wow, I want to come to your car boot, the first aid tin was an amazing find. well done.

  24. Love that First Aid tin and all the pots and jars, great finds! x

  25. Fab finds loving the first aid box. Its great people watching we are a funny race at times ;-)) Have a lovely week. dee x

  26. The first aid box is a great find, as are the candlesticks and all those jars. Love that story about the Gurkhas - very enterprising!

  27. If 1992 is vintage, I must be an antique :P haha
    What great buys you found! I love the candlesticks and the first aid box is in amazing condition
    I hope you had a very Happy Birthday! :)

  28. Oooooh I love that first aid tin. Actually love it, covet it, want to hunt you down and steal it from you.

  29. Happy Birthday to YOOOOOO!!

    So sorry I didn't get your card in the post on time :(

    I'll make up for it at Christmas.

    Hope you had a lovely pampered day, you certainly found some lovely treasures...

    To use one of your words - MWAH!!

    Lucy x

  30. Great buys as always :) just love the jars.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  31. I love the large candlesticks! I definitely would have bought those too!

  32. Loving the vintage vanity jars :)

  33. Scarlett as always you've scored some great stuff! I love that first aid kit! And as always the "heard at a boot sale" stories. I'm sorry but 1992 is NOT vintage. And how rude of that couple to block the sellers booth. Alas they are everywhere. *sighs* Vanna

  34. you always find the cutest vanity jars.I am starting to feel sorry for your boot sale sellers.they seem to get all the crazy people who argue and cause others to not be able to enjoy shopping and then they decide no to even get the item.:(

  35. That first aid case is amazing. I can't believe it's all still in there unused.

  36. The first aid case was a real find. Well done you (again!). Happy birthday for tomorrow. Please email me your address so I can pop a belated something in the post to you. xx

  37. Your thrifting adventures are always the best.....

  38. Your buys are gorgeous, especially the embroidery trinkets!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY my lovely :o)

    Hope you had a fabulous time and your little darling is fully better by now.

    Take care my sweetie,
    Have a great week,
    Love Donna xx

  39. Wow, I just love that first aid kit with all the wonderful goodies inside!

  40. Hhhhmmmmm, storage. Let's see your cross stitch lids then?

    Madison xxx


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